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8 Oct
Tears for Fears post image on
Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears Tears for fears are a band comprising of Roland Ozibal and Curt Smith among others. The band had huge success in the 80s and 90´s bringing out several iconic singles and albums that still seem relevant today.

3 Sep
Ozzy Osbourne - Part 2. post image on
Ozzy Osbourne - Part 2.

The second part to the life story and achievements of the legendary Ozzy Osbourne.

4 Aug
Ozzy Osbourne post image on
Ozzy Osbourne

This months music profile is the infamous Ozzy Osbourne

2 Jul
Lisa Stansfield post image on
Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield is a singer, actress and general superstar who has sold over 20 million albums world wide…..whilst keeping the Lancashire girl next door image.

3 Jun
The Legend that is Carole King post image on
The Legend that is Carole King

We are about to write about the history of the brilliant song writer Carole King

1 May
Elvis Costello post image on
Elvis Costello

Read the story of Elvis Costello

1 Apr
Phil Collins post image on
Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a drummer, singer, actor and record producer, best known as a big part of the rock band Genesis.

1 Apr
Jazz Appreciation Month post image on
Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz Appreciation Month, (JAM) is a music festival held every April in recognition of the significant contribution that jazz music has made to society

3 Mar
Queen post image on

A brief history of the legendary band Queen