Bobs Trails

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1 Sep

Bobs Trails

Looking for a local short walk with an interesting difference? Try the Canyon of Aledo or “Estrecho De La Arboleja” as it’s called. It is a bit of a secret gem due to it not being easy to find. If you head from Totana to Aledo at the Aledo roundabout take a right to bypass Aledo. Drive onto the next roundabout and in approximately 500 meters take a left. Take note of the sign here indicating “Estrecho De La Arboleja”, you are now on the C21. Continue on this road for about 3 kilometers you will then see a left turn signed “Estrecho De La Arboleja”. Take this road and when you reach a fork, bear left and continue until you reach the car park/rest area.

As you enter the car park, you will drive over a bridge structure, and just to the right of this is the start of a path that takes you down the valley to the gorge.

After you leave the final set of steps down, you need to bear right to take you through the canyon.

Depending on the time of year, determines how far you can enter the canyon; in summer it’s dry and cool, bordering cold. In the canyon in winter, towards the end, it fills with water which you can wade through until it gets too difficult to pass.

The walk takes about an hour depending on how fast or slow you go. It’s an enjoyable experience and can be coupled with a visit to Aledo, La Santa or the Structures of La Santa.

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