Darwinian Gardeners

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10 Oct

Darwinian Gardeners

During the early stages of the Covid Lockdown we held a photographic competition. Members were asked to take up to 5 pictures of flowers in their garden and submit them for the competition.

Thirty-nine members submitted 160 photos. From these the committee selected 12 winning photos.

The winners, in alphabetical order were:

Andrew Brown, Anthea Sockett, Bernice Smith, Caren Kirk, Christine Roe, Deryck Davison, Graham Hackett, Jan Wallace, Jon Thompson, Mandy Wright, Michael Nuttall and Sandra Hughes.

Join us for walks, discussion groups, gardening group, games evenings and lots of lunches, for information tel 669 338 885 or email humanistsofmurcia@gmail.com or website www.humanistsofmurcia.com

Weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies: for personalized ceremonies without religion, contact the celebrant tel 634 025 711

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