International Childrens Book Day

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2 Apr
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International Childrens Book Day

Helping to bring their imagination to life, books inspire, educate and encourage children to exercise their mind.

International Children’s Book Day 2020 is designed to do just that and celebrate reading.

Taking place on 2 April 2020, International Children’s Book Day is this year sponsored by International Board on Books for Young People Latvia. The Board decides on a theme for the event in addition to an author from that country writing a personal message to the children of the world to inspire them to read.

A poster to help publicise the event is designed by an illustrator from the sponsorship country too. The slogan for this year’s event is the small is big in a book‚ with the message to the children written by Inese Zandere.

Inese is a Latvian poet and editor, in addition to an author and publisher of children’s books.

Reading books can help a child to learn and develop, and this can be difficult in certain parts of the world due to deprivation. However, International Children’s Book Day can help to provide resources for those children through various events in schools and communities that they may not have had access to otherwise.

Not only does it encourage children to pick up a book and read, no matter what age they are, to celebrate International Children’s Book Day, but it can help to influence their habits for the future.

Many local charities are always on the look out for books, so feel free to donate once you or a family member has finished with it, and pass it on for others to enjoy!

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