July Update from FMA

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1 Jul
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July Update from FMA
FMA Continues to be very busy with more than a steady flow of appeals for help. We are currently working with over 20 dogs, with many more waiting in the wings. This does not include the regular flow of Galgos that pass through our charity and which are partially funded by us. Unlike some other organisations we also try to assist in the homing of cats and kittens and we provide help and support, both physically and financially in the trapping and neutering of our feral community. All this work and support relies on a regular income into the charity, especially when we encounter unexpected expenses like the recent hospitalisation of Toffee, Raisin, Roly, Ray and tiny ‘Tank’, who sadly is no longer with us. That is why in this month’s article I would like to focus on ways you can help the charity in some cases for as little as one euro per month.
Of course rather than just donating money per se you can support us by attending our musical events and pop up stalls, have a fabulous night/ afternoon out while helping us at the same time. One new fund raising initiative that we launched last month was teaming. We always feel awkward asking for money again, especially in these hard times, but this charitable enterprise costs the individual very little and is so easy to set up. Ask yourselves this question; would you miss one euro a month? That euro that slips down the sofa or is lost at the bottom of your bag. In the current situation every euro counts to help the animals in our care and that is why we have set up this teaming group. For that small regular amount you can be part of our ‘Team’ enabling FMA to have a steady income that supports our work. Giving this micro donation, totally free of commission, will not have a huge impact on its own but we are hoping that most of our supporters and followers will join forces to raise much needed funds. All we are asking is that you commit to just one euro a month. Please follow the link below to be a part of this fund raising drive and if you have any questions please contact us.

Remember in Teaming the important thing is not how much we give but how many we are. Alone we cannot do much, but if we join together, we can achieve great things.


Donations can also be made using

PAYPAL fma.murcia@gmail.com
Bank Account ES39 3058 0206 9227 2050 7854 (BIC CCRIES2AXXX)

If you would like further information on how you can help, volunteer, foster or donate please contact our Facebook page where you will also find information regarding animals available for adoption and dates for forthcoming fund raising events.
Thank you as ever for all your support in whatever form it takes.

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