March Dear Readers...

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3 Mar
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Dear Readers,

I think we can all safely say that at last spring is definitely here. Longer days, warmer weather and the countryside springing into life.

With the arrival of spring along also comes Mother’s Day in the UK as well as Father’s Day here in Spain. An opportunity to spoil and show our appreciation. To find out more please see our articles with some background and reminder dates.

I would like to thank you for your ideas and suggestions for the vehicle section. We have some great ideas in development all based on what you, the readers would like to see. Please watch this space….

We also have a fantastic article based on Camposol News demonstrating just what a fantastic community we have. We would like to invite all of the community whether you be a business, volunteer group, charity, organisation or individual to send in any news or updates to be included for the following months.

I will leave to you read and enjoy…….

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