Andrea May Update

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4 May
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Here’s May’s !!! Blimey it will soon be Christmas ... I love Christmas lol 

The Journal May 2021

Now I know most of us take this for granted, but we now have power at The Sanctuary. It is the small things that please us, being able to switch a light on in the bedroom, having a fridge and watching a little bit of television and who knows one day even the internet! We are loving our solar power, now all we need are to get the plans approved for the building of the stables and that is another massive hurdle we have got over! They are taking a long time to be approved and our team are working very hard to make progress and have the right paperwork in place, which is essential before we can start building. Our donkeys are content with their temporary shelter and are incredibly happy in their new home but enough is enough now, we want to get more of our donkeys there with the right stabling. They love exploring the land and I had an early morning wake up call from Lucera, who thought she would have a look through the kitchen window, wanting an early breakfast, I think! I love seeing them so happy and having lots of space to roam.

All the babies are making good progress too, with them all having a dramatic start to their lives they are now thriving and moving on from having just milk. Hopefully, that is it for surprises with the female donkeys, haha famous last words!Though you often don’t know when they are rescued if they are pregnant until you go out the next morning and there is an extra member of the herd!

You can now follow us on Instagram, thank you to our UK based friends who have taken this on board for us. Take a look and please follow us and share as much as possible, we need to get our name and the work we do out there as far and wide as possible. We have also relaunched our House of Henrietta clothing page, it is now called House of Henrietta Apparel Donkey Sanctuary and here you will find preloved and new items of clothing and accessories at great prices. We have an online team now who are at hand to answer any questions, you can collect from either Camposol or MazarronCountry Club or call in at either the Roldan or Mazarron shop. We have also relaunched our Andreas Animal Rescue and The Henrietta Foundation Shop Mazarron page where you can shop for items for your home from the comfort of your armchair. Choose, reserve, pay and collect – easy! And this applies to any of our online shopping pages. Also watch out for our HOH Mobile Boutique which is going to be making appearances at local establishments, so you can shop and have a coffee or a bite to eat under the same roof!

It is great to be back on Camposol on Mondays and to catch up with so many supporters and friends we haven’t seen for a long time. Kevin or I are always very happy to receive your donations and one of us will be there every Monday 11.30-1.30pm, car park B. Alternatively, they can be dropped off at either shop in Roldan or Mazarron 10.30-1.30pm.
Think that’s it for now. Andrea x

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