Christmas Price List

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2 Nov
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Christmas Season

Turkey Whole                         €6.49 per Kg

Crown, Boned and Rolled      €10.99 per Kg

Goose Whole                         €60

Fresh Whole Chicken            €4.29 per Kg

Gammon Joint or Steaks       €11.99 per Kg

Topside Beef Joint                 €14.70per Kg

Rib of Beef (B&R)                  €20.99 per Kg

Leg of Lamb                           €14.50 per Kg

Pork Joint (with crackling)      €7.50 per Kg

Sausage Meat                       €7.50 per Kg

Streaky Bacon                      €14.99 per Kg

Chipolatas                            €10.50 per Kg

Cocktail Sausages               €10.99 per Kg

H/Made Pigs in blankets     €4.25 Pack x6

H/Made Scotch Eggs          €1.99 each

H/Made Sausage Rolls       €1.30 each

Goose Fat Jar price to be confirmed

Lard Pack 250g                  €1.99

Pork Pies Large                 €6.99 or Small €2.50

Cold Cooked Meat  

per Kg

Pork                                  €10.5
Beef                                  €23.99
Turkey                              €17
Ham                                 €20.99


Vintage Cheddar             €19.99
Mature Cheddar              €14.99,

Stilton                              €23.99 per Kg


Sprouts, Parsnips, Potatoes and more

Prices are seasonal to be confirmed

Christmas Party Packs (For x6)

18 Quails Egg Scotch eggs, 18 Pigs in

Blankets, 12 Butter Garlic Chicken Skewers,

18 Cocktail Sausage Rolls                €35.99

Mince Pies                    €TBC

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