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1 Jun
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Garden Boutique

Many of you will know Juani Hernandez, who started her horticultural career back in 2003, at The Garden centre Jardilar 2003, located in El Saladillo. She gained a wealth of experience there designing gardens, terraces and even swimming pools. She was also heavily involved in both gardening advice and garden maintenance, including some complex landscaping project. Juani continued with this profession until 2015, but was forced to take a break for a while as she was going through a difficult divorce. For a little while Juani worked in other sectors including a perfume shop, but her greatest desire was to return to the gardening sector, which she has a real passion for. Juani also loves to meet people from other nationalities. Her English is actually very good, but she will say otherwise! She is and has been a very good friend to many residents on Camposol and the surrounding area.

Like, so many people here, as a result of the pandemic, Juani found herself unemployed. After a very difficult year and some real “soul searching” she decided to start up another business, focusing on her passion, which is all things “horticultural”. The Garden Boutique can be found on the main road between Mazarrón and The Puerto De Mazarrón, next to “Tanatorio Blaya”.

The Garden Boutique sells a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees but just about everything you would ever find in the largest of garden centres. They also give advice, visiting their clients to provide cleaning, garden maintenance and garden design services. There are many keen gardeners here, but to “live the dream” here in Spain, where the climate, soil and general conditions are so different from the U.K. takes a bit of time to learn.

Juani and David are waiting for you at Garden Boutique, to assist wherever they can.

Please do pop in just to say “hello”, they will be delighted to see you. There is also an extensive, well thought out range of wall art, clocks and general art to discover. Some of their wall art is also suitable for outdoors and is weather proof, you will not be disappointed.


 Juani 669 565 402 (English and Spanish)

David 678 021 310 (French and Spanish)



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