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4 Mar
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Hello everyone,

How wonderful to feel the vibration of the season of Spring!

You can feel the presence of new energy all around us as Mother Nature awakens and new life begins.

You may think that it is a little strange for a Medium to be talking about new life, when most of the time I am connecting on a different vibration where the Spirit continues to live and thrive.

I am often asked this question – Where is the Spirit World?

Some people will say that there is only this life and then you die! Sounds a bit harsh to me and very limiting. When the journey of the Soul is infinite. I much prefer to use the words Transition or Pass, because we do not die, we simply shed this physical body and move to another realm of vibration, where we definitely continue to grow and have experiences. Those in the Spirit World have shared with me proof of this and I have a knowing, not a belief.

I will try and explain in a way that is understandable.

When people talk about the Spirit World/Realm, they usually look up, I have done the same in the past. What are we looking at, one theory maybe is that there are other Beings who live within our Galaxy and beyond, but that is a whole other discussion for another time. Maybe people are looking up, at what they believe is Heaven and that is where we go, if we are lucky and have been good in this life. There is no good or bad, be reassured that we all transition into the Realm of Spirit. So, don´t worry that you may be going to Hell, the closest to Hell that you will get is living this earthly life, because we are all here to follow our Life Plan, to experience as much as we can. Earth is the biggest school ground for these experiences.

There is a whole Universe of existence all around us.

But back to the Spirit Realm. When we transition, we return to our true selves, that is energy. Everything is energy and that energy has a vibration. You don´t have to be a Medium to pick up on different vibrations, however, a Medium has spent time developing the ability to connect with various forms and levels of vibration.

I know that the Spirit Realm is all around us, all co-existing at the same time as ourselves. Living in a Realm of Love, as the physical body is dense and experiences emotions of fear, greed, ego, etc. the Soul is pure loving energy.

For example, you will have felt that shudder and we say ´oh someone just walked over my grave´, this is Spirit vibration connecting with yours. The hairs stand up on your arms or body for no reason, Spirit vibration. We have all had experiences of feeling someone is behind you, smelling your Grandad´s pipe smoke or smelling the perfume that your Mother used to wear. These are all examples of those who have transitioned coming close within your own energy field and wanting you to take notice that they are there and wanting to say hello, that they are still walking with us and looking after us. We are in constant interaction all the time.

Imagine you have a radio, there is Long Wave, Short Wave, FM, etc., there are many channels and many different shows. Some Talk shows, some Music, some Current Affairs, the list is endless. The channels are so like the different Realms of existence, there are many different levels of vibration. You can unintentionally connect to them too. I remember when I was a Radio Operator in the Police Service, we often had the French Fishermen break through on our channels, taking us by surprise. This is similar to the undeveloped person connecting with an infinite Soul.

Any Medium will tell you that they have been ´connecting´ since childhood, a bit like an untrained puppy, all random, natural and at times unexpected. As we mature, we become more curious, wanting a better understanding and want to know more about how to connect with control, purpose and awareness. If you are curious, it would be good advice to seek out someone who can help you develop this connection or to find a development circle with an experienced Medium to tutor you.

Another example of when we feel this contact is when we are in despair and pain, even those who have no belief structure in their lives, don´t believe in God or a Divine Creator, will pray and pray hard, they may even seek out a church and pray. For me prayer is an Intention. We will ask, ´please help me or please let so and so be ok´. I have been told so many times by people that at these times they have felt a presence close to them, felt a loved one, smelt them, been touched or felt a feeling of calm come over them and they just knew that they would receive help and that everything would be ok.

Spirit walk beside us always. They look out for us, love us, want the best for us and try their hardest to help us when we ask.

The biggest fear that people have told me that they have, is to transition alone. Well again, I know that this never happens, we are always met and assisted with our transition with warmth and love. Look at it this way, can you imagine when your Soul is born into this earthly life, your family being happy that a new baby has come and that it is a time to celebrate and support that baby to grow, with love and care. That is, exactly the same for the Spirit World, they watch the birth of their beloved soul, knowing that they are going to a life of experience, which some of it will be painful indeed. They watch over us and guide us always and when we transition, our Soul is rebirthed back, a huge celebration. You will be met by your friends, loved ones and family, who will be there waiting for you to arrive, they will help you heal and then you can tell them all the stories that you have. You can fill in any gaps that they may have missed, they will commiserate with your pains and celebrate your successes.

And oh, how you will all laugh at the shenanigans that you got up to!

Have a great month.

Namaste my friends,


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