4 of the Biggest Paint Trends for 2020 and Tips on How to Apply Them

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3 Aug
4 of the Biggest Paint Trends for 2020 and Tips on How to Apply Them image 1

4 of the Biggest Paint Trends for 2020 and Tips on How to Apply Them

Masters of colour, Dulux, have announced the finalists for their 2020 colour awards. Judged by an esteemed panel of design-industry professionals, they have dissected a selection of the best residential interior projects to identify some key paint colour trends.

From verdant greens to deep plum and the perfect serene grey, these are the paint colours that you will be seeing in 2020 and beyond. 

  1. Verdant Greens

Pair verdant green with black, white and grey for fresh impact. Consider brass accents to add warmth.

Play with varying tones of green for tonal harmony.

Go wild and match your carpet to your walls for an ultra cool mid century feel. Mix in other jewelled tones, black and then add some white to break it all up.

  1. Nifty Shades Of Grey

Warm, clean and fresh – this palette will keep you feeling zen and provide the perfect background for bright artworks and furniture alike.

Adding texture to grey walls will create a serene effect, you can then add timber details for warmth and layer in rich colour and tactile finishes for ultimate comfort.

Soft greys work beautifully with dusty hues. Mix in some vibrantly coloured or metallic accessories for interest.

Soft grey and white is a classic combination that never dates. Pair it with a stone of matching veins for a refined look.

  1. Dark But Not Gloomy

Textured finishes in rich colours like blue will create a visually tactile, suede-like effect perfect for intimate areas like the bedroom.

Team greys with deep plums, black and blue to create a chic mood.

It’s a known fact that everything looks better in black and your interior is no exception. Black or very dark greys create an instant mood, and everything you place in front of it will sing.

  1. A Place For Pastels

A touch of black will give weight to pastel blue and the addition of timber will keep it warm.

Create some fun by painting your joinery in a beautiful shade of rose to liven up your kitchen.

Give strength to pastel pink with the addition of a fiery orange-red.

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