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3 Jun
June Lifestyle 2020 post image on
June Lifestyle 2020

By using simple colours and tones we can create a peaceful space away from the world. Create a space for mindful mediation or reading or just sitting still and reconnecting with the earth in your personal sanctuary.

3 Jun
Fairytale Castles of Spain post image on
Fairytale Castles of Spain

When travel between the regions is permitted, these beautiful fairytale castles are too beautiful to miss.

4 May
11 of the Best Virtual Museums and Art Gallery Tours post image on
11 of the Best Virtual Museums and Art Gallery Tours

Take a trip through some of the world's best collections online...

31 Mar
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What to do in your home to improve your lifestyle

31 Mar
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Different ways to promote wellness

31 Mar
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World Book Night

World Book Night is here to prove to both children and adults that there are plenty of opportunities to get lost in a good book

3 Mar
Textures in Furnishings post image on
Textures in Furnishings

Adding textures give a depth to your home designs.

31 Jan
Horoscope - February post image on
Horoscope - February

So ... What does February bring for you? This might shed some light on how your sun sign will be effected this month&hellip

31 Jan
Wellness  health first aid kit post image on
Wellness health first aid kit

No 01 – Essential oils – These can be handy to rub on your wrists or put a few drops on your pillow before you drift off. They are also great added to a hot relaxing bath. These ones are from Neal's Yard but you can now find Essential oils in

31 Jan
Top beauty tips for 2020 post image on
Top beauty tips for 2020

To open up your eyes and make them appear bigger, avoid using a dark eyeliner in your waterline. Instead, opt for a lighter peach colour.