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4 Aug
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Bubble Chandeliers Are the Fun Modern Fixture Popping Up Everywhere

Mostly seen in luxury interior design projects, this light feature will be a fun elegant addition to any private or hospitality division. A top design trend adopted by world-renowned interior designers. 

Modern design is typically associated with minimalistic interiors, but the style has its playful side, too. Case in point: the bubble chandeliers that are popping up in dining rooms and living areas everywhere. Although distinctly modern, these fixtures also feel quirky and whimsical, and they pair well with a variety of aesthetics.

Evocative of soapy bubble clusters, these chandeliers immediately draw attention above dining room tables, in the center of living rooms or over beds. Swinging from a single pendant chain or individual cords, the delicate glass globes represent a modern interpretation of the traditional crystal chandelier. Bubble light fixtures make excellent additions to contemporary-style rooms, but they also look stunning as an unexpectedly modern statement within other decorating styles.

Try mounting a bubble chandelier over a rustic farmhouse table for contrasting shapes and textures, or hang one in a formal living room filled with antique furniture and vintage art to beautifully juxtapose styles and eras. 

Asymmetrical Bubble Light

Six glass bubbles in assorted sizes cluster around this pendant with gold accents. The easy-to-install fixture includes all the mounting hardware you'll need, along with a remote control that adjusts the brightness and temperature of the light. It measures about 18 inches wide and 27 inches tall with a 79-inch adjustable cord. The bubble light is also available in a smaller size with four glass globes.

Modern Bubble Chandelier

With brushed brass accents that contrast black cording and milky white glass, this bubble chandelier makes a beautiful contemporary statement. Its eight orbs feature etched glass shades that create a soft, luminous glow. The fixture measures about 80 inches tall and 19 inches, and it's even safe to use in a bathroom.

Clear Glass Bubble Chandelier

This simplistic chandelier is comprised of handblown, clear-glass bubbles. Hanging from a silver-finished iron chain, the cluster of orbs features a variety of sizes for an organic look. It requires just one lightbulb, but the 20-inch-wide glass design helps reflect light around the room.

Mini Bubble Pendant

Try the bubble light trend on a smaller scale with this unique pendant. The design features four metal spheres stacked on top of each other with an opening at the bottom for light. The 12-inch long pendant comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, chrome, and copper, and works well for small spaces or can be grouped together for visual impact.

Minimalistic Bubble Light

Blending modern design with vintage style, this simple bubble fixture features unfinished brass hardware that contrasts with clear glass bubble shades. The cluster of globes measures 13 by 11 inches, and it hangs 3 feet from the ceiling to the lowest point. The handmade fixture comes with all mounting hardware and a ceiling plate attached, so it's ready to hang when it arrives.

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