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3 Aug
What To Sow and Grow In August post image on
What To Sow and Grow In August

Enjoy your garden this month while it’s still looking its best and there are so many delicious fruit and vegetables ready to eat. But August is also the time to start planning ahead if you want colourful autumn and winter blooms, or plenty of produce for your plate for the months ahead. Here's what to plant in August, including things you can still sow from seed:

3 Aug
Drip Irrigation, how it all works.... post image on
Drip Irrigation, how it all works....

You probably know this already, but it’s pretty sunny here in Spain, particularly in Murcia. For gardeners on anything but the smallest scale, that’s a problem.

2 Jul
How to grow wisteria post image on
How to grow wisteria

All the tips to growing beautiful Wisteria

3 Jun
What to sow and grow in June post image on
What to sow and grow in June

There’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden in June, but also plenty to sit back and enjoy! With the longest day bringing extra hours of warmth and sunshine, the threat of cold spells and frost is now long past, and you can start planting in earnest.

3 Jun
Spain's Popular Flowers post image on
Spain's Popular Flowers

The flowers that grow in Spain are quite gorgeous, unique and fitting to Spain's alluring culture.

3 Jun
Creating a Fragrance Garden post image on
Creating a Fragrance Garden

If you decide to focus on fragrance in your garden, add plants that have flowers, leaves or trunks that offer delightful smells during the day or at night.

1 May
How To Create Beautiful Hanging Baskets post image on
How To Create Beautiful Hanging Baskets

A Step by Step Guide to creating beautiful hanging baskets

1 May
Gardening in May post image on
Gardening in May

A Guide to Gardening in your Spanish Garden in May

31 Mar
April Gardening post image on
April Gardening

A Guide of what to do in your garden through the month of April

3 Mar
Spring Gardens post image on
Spring Gardens

Find out what to do in your Mediterranean garden each month as well as keeping up to date with our local gardening groups. Please check our growing gardening section.