What to sow and grow in November

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1 Nov
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What to sow and grow in November

Sow hellebores this month
Things are slowing down in the garden come November. Milder areas see their first frost and the days are shortening rapidly. There’s still lots to do in the garden this month, and there are plenty of flowers, vegetables, and fruits that can be sown and planted now for a spring harvest or to crop through winter. 

Flowers to sow and grow

Start lupins indoors for beautiful displays for years to come

In the greenhouse/indoors

Plant outdoors

Plant daffodil bulbs in preparation for spring
Plant spring flowering bulbs, such as tulip bulbs, this month. Consider investing in a bulb planter to speed up the process and to effectively cut through turf so you can easily naturalise bulbs into grassed areas of your garden.

Vegetables & herbs to sow and grow

Sow hardy pea varieties to bulk out your first harvest of the new year

In the greenhouse/indoors

In the cold frame/under cloches

  • Sow spring onion 'Performer' and pak choi seeds outdoors in rows under cloches.
  • Sow winter salads in a greenhouse or outdoors under cloches. Choose types that don't require extra heat like lettuce 'Winter Gem', winter land cress, purslane, and corn salad
  • Choose a fast growing ‘cut and come again’ leaf like 'Speedy' for growing and cropping indoors on the windowsill.

Direct sow outdoors

Plant outdoors

  • Plant autumn planting onion, shallot and garlic sets. For something different this year, plant the massive elephant garlic. These huge bulbs have a very mild flavour and are perfect for roasting.
  • Plant asparagus crowns now. Growing these expensive spears yourself will save you money and produce a crop with superior flavour.
  • Plant out spring cabbage plants at the beginning of the month.

Fruit to sow and grow

Put in a support system for raspberry canes before planting

Plant outdoors

Keep one step ahead — what to order this month

  • Order geranium seeds to sow in the greenhouse between December and March.
  • Buy bare root blackcurrants ready to go out next month.


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