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4 Aug
14 Profound Alice in Wonderland Quotes That Reveal Deep Life Truths post image on
14 Profound Alice in Wonderland Quotes That Reveal Deep Life Truths

These Alice in Wonderland quotes are just what you need. Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece can help you through troubled times while giving you a sense of whimsical encouragement. Positive statements have the power to reach you when other things may not work.

3 Jun
An Inner Spiritual Journey post image on
An Inner Spiritual Journey

From the Darkness, Into The Light. As we live in this extraordinary time of our own evolution and that of our Planet and Universe, we are being asked, by the Higher Intelligences who guide us, to reflect on all that does not serve us now.

3 Jun
Horoscopes for June post image on
Horoscopes for June

This month I want to speak a little about a natal chart ... Obviously it is a chart for the day, time, town and country of your birth and the more exact the time the more accurate and reflective of you the chart will be.

4 May
May Horoscopes post image on
May Horoscopes

See what May has in store for us all

1 Apr
April Horoscopes post image on
April Horoscopes

This month I will say a little about Saturn a slow moving planet known as "The Victorian Father" of the chart as he brings us our toughest lessons.

31 Mar
Inspirational Quotes post image on
Inspirational Quotes

We could all use some inspiration.

3 Mar
March Horoscopes post image on
March Horoscopes

Horoscopes from Marion Parmenter

3 Mar
Introduction to Pilates post image on
Introduction to Pilates

Introducing you to the benefits of Pilates