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4 May
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Hello everyone,

Happy May to you all, it´s lovely to feel the changing in the seasons, as we roll towards the warmer weather and more have bright, sunny days.

We have talked a lot recently about what and who we are. That we are energy and vibration in this life and in the infinite realm. We can feel our own energy and that of others that we come in to contact with.

During this time of Covid, we have all had many different experiences, we have felt the ups and downs of this life. We have felt a vast spectrum of emotions too. Some have thrived at this time and truly learnt who they are and what they want from the future. Others have got bogged down with deep dark energies, surrounding them like a cloud, that have left them feeling exhausted and feeling like they are walking through a swamp with no sign of direction, to help them out of their experience. Many of us Lightworkers have been working hard to lift this energy for you and the world.

Many have turned to their Faith, whatever that maybe, none are better than others, we are all equal in the eyes of the creator, all are inclusive and are constructed on the foundations of love for one another. I have seen some of the quietest of people come out of their shells to help others and become ambassadors for the light, working for humanity.

For those that have been grieving and asking for help and reassurance at this time, one of the most common phrases I hear is, ´My Spirits (family & loved ones) have left me, I don´t feel them around me anymore´. I understand that this way of being can make a person feel very isolated, unloved and alone.

However, let me reassure you, the Spirit world, our friends and family, never leave us, not for one minute. It´s our low vibration and perception of depth of feeling them around us, that may have waned and left us feeling this way.

Your Spirit family and friends are always busy and are doing the best, for us, that they can. They try so hard to let us know that they are always with us. They can do this by placing thoughts in our minds, bringing back happy memories that leave a smile on our faces. Pushing that window open, when there is no breeze, surrounding you with their smell or hiding your car keys just before you need to go out. It´s us that needs to feel another´s vibration connect with ours, like being hit with a big, wet fish. Booooosh!

Picture this:

´On a cool, still day the locked back door flies open, Mum, Mum, I shout, as I come in, where are you? You look up with sadness in your eyes, what´s happened I ask? I walk into the lounge and see the family photo albums on the coffee table. I sit down beside you and you shiver, are you cold, I ask? You feel your arm, where mine is pressed beside yours. The album is open at the section of me, I love this bit, me as a baby, all pink and podgy, me holding my teddy bear that Nanna gave me, me on my first day at big school, in ´that´ uniform that is far too big for me, you´ll grow into it, you say. As I look at you, a tear rolls down your cheek, I gently wipe it away, you lift your hand to your face and look out of the lounge window. We turn the pages together, laughing to see the family at birthday and Christmas gatherings, we both smile at each other, memories flooding our minds. What did you do today, you ask me, well, I say, my day has been busy, Nanna and I went to see uncle Graham, he was digging in his garden and pruning Nanna´s rose, mum it smelt so lovely, you smell a scent around you that reminds you of Nanna and the smell of freshly baked cakes she used to make, you think, I must make a banana cake for tea with Nanna´s favourite recipe. You stand to close the back door, looking outside to see what opened it, a beautiful butterfly flaps its wings flying pass you, as you come back in, I push one of the photos off the coffee table, the one of me and you, that Dad took when I came in with my driving certificate, do you remember, I passed first time! I can feel how proud you are of me and how much you love me, well ditto, that will never change, I try so hard to show you that I am here, I wake you up every morning with a tickle of your nose that makes you sneeze, yes, that´s me Mum. Anyway, got to pop off for a bit, Uncle Graham has taken a cutting of Nannas rose to give to you, it´s our secret, it´s to plant in your garden and I must go and help him, as I kiss your cheek, I say, I´ll be back soon. You hug yourself as you feel the breeze pass by you as I leave, love you mum I say, as I leave to carry on my busy day´.

The Soul never dies, only sheds the physical form, know that those you hold dear to your heart are only a breath away. Sit in a comfy chair and let your thoughts go out to them and allow them to blend and connect their energies with yours.

It´s normal to feel emotion and shed tears, for they are simply an expression of the words ´I love you´ from your loved ones.

Namaste my friends,


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