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3 Jun
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June 2020 by Marion Parmenter +34617925467 Facebook page Whispers from Spirit

This month I want to speak a little about a natal chart ... Obviously it is a chart for the day, time, town and country of your birth and the more exact the time the more accurate and reflective of you the chart will be.

There are 12 sections/houses representing areas of your life and 7 major planets as well as 3 Outer planets along with other important points and markers in the chart. The signs are also in order around the chart and as with the houses run anti clockwise. All of the aforementioned planets and points have relationships a bit like "actors" who are continuously moving at different speeds through the signs and sections/houses of the chart and having relationships with each other, as if "on stage".

This is the tip of a very in-depth topic and I wanted to touch on it so that those of you whether believers in Astrology or not, can see how a monthly general forecast of the effects of the Sun alone can shine a very small spotlight on a vast potential. The Natal chart is something that can highlight your positive qualities and areas where the achievements and great strides could be made ... whilst also showing you where there are areas which need more work in order to move forward in your chosen direction. You may well say ... well I know where my failings are ... but ... as the saying goes ... "forewarned is forearmed".

I am happy to do natal charts for yourself or for gifts with a difference at Christmas and for Birthdays ... just contact me on the above number or fb page for enquiries.

So what can your Sun signs show us in June ...

Aries ... This month you will want to socialize as much as you can and you will be so much more sensitive to the beauty around you. You could even find that communications of love and pleasant feelings will be highlighted this month. It is also a time when it would be good to focus on the day to day dealings with those around you and make sure they understand you and your thinking but you also need to listen to others. These casual day to day relationships that are so important in your life need a bit more in focus now. This could be tricky as your energy and thinking may be quite high. Try to introduce travel into your routine even if you travel using technology to break away from the mundane.

Taurus ... Generally, people who like nice things, you may need to watch the extravagances this month, as you feel the need to express your value to others through possessions ... so be guarded against showing off too much. We all have a different levels of need/value when it comes to possessions and it is fine to have yours but try to allow for others to be different and take care that you don't keep overshadowing them. Take time to reflect on the things you have and ask yourself if they serve you or you are caught up in " having stuff" as without it you become insecure. Having said all that, this is a time when financial investments could be fruitful for you for the next few months.

Gemini ... Time to look at yourself, recharge your batteries and look at what you need for further progress, not just for now but for the year ahead. You will have more "clout" at this time but take care that you are not being insensitive to others. This is a time that is all about you and you will have a great need to express yourself so and although you need to keep a sensitivity about you ... don't get sidetracked by taking on the worries of others as nothing will be served by ignoring your needs in favour of duty to them. Communication may have been a bit frantic of late but now and for the month ahead it is calming. You will find socializing very enjoyable and will be able to calm troubled waters wherever there is friction.

Cancer ... You may find yourself being asked to help either a loved one or a charitable organisation to do with hospitals, underprivileged or similar group. However, if this happens you should only do so with a good heart and try not to remind all of what you are sacrificing ... in this situation it would be better to do nothing than play the martyr. Any psychological or emotional difficulties now need to be dealt with as they come up ... the spiritual rewards will come later if you do this. You should be in a good state of mind, at least for the first half of this month and if you keep active with useful projects you will accomplish a lot. Try to keep your subconscious thoughts "in sink" with your conscious so that messages you send out to others about what you are thinking and feeling coincide with what is going on deep down. Get rid of old outworn patterns of behaviour that are no longer valid or serving you.

Leo ... Make sure you don't "lock up" your thoughts and opinions and become uncommunicative this month as it could be damaging for you. You may find that that you are able to get to hidden depths of your personality and this will be good for you in order to understand yourself a bit easier. It is a good time to work on your own as you will accomplish more. When you do communicate with others make sure you say everything, leaving no doubts in your mind and the minds of others, as if not there will be misunderstandings and a loss of confidence in you. All that said, groups of friends etc. are also important to you and deciding what role they play in your life and how important that is. Within these groups try to establish who you are without being overpowering and compare their values against your own to see if they mesh. Remember though ... that the groups you attract will also to some extent be a reflection of yourself.

Virgo ... Time to look at the goals and ideals you have set yourself and whether they have been yours or whether you have been following someone else's. Have they served you and are they still appropriate ... are you going in the direction that you want. You may have been thrust into the limelight but this will bring a certain amount of power but also carry an equal amount of responsibility. You don't need to be super strong to succeed as the natural flow of energy is with you at this time. Just be aware of your strengths and weakness', know your capabilities and take care not to misrepresent yourself. You are inclined to send out very pleasant energy at the moment which will attract the same with circumstances and people who have influence helping you. If you have a good relationship with your life partner this should be a time when you can work together through any difficulties in your way.


Libra ... This month you will gain much through study in all its many forms. You can make the most trivial encounter a positive learning experience. Anything whether serious or for enjoyment will stimulate your mind and widen your perspective of the World. Interest in legal matters to do with your everyday life or business as well as spiritual, religious or metaphysical matters will be of great interest to you at this time. You may be attracted to the arts and/or music that is so very different to your normal thing and this may have a big impact on what you perceive is beautiful or entertaining. You may also find an attraction to people who are thought of as different ... maybe because they are foreign or have unconventional views or backgrounds but far from being unsettled by them it will bring about an easy and rewarding time.

Scorpio ... You may gain financially through banks, life partner or business partner or could even get support from a loan. Love relationships can become quite intense at this time and bring about deep inner change. You will also be eager to learn and see the bigger picture in order to see how the various departments of life go together to make up the whole. You may be interested in completely different lifestyles and conversations about as many different or abstract subjects as possible. You will be focused on your own psychological health and will have a need to experience feelings rather than intellect this month. There may also be a meeting with someone who adds to this need for soul searching and self inquiry which could bring about very strong force for change in your life.

Sagittarius ... How you react with one to one relationships, whether in work or personal will teach you a lot about yourself this month. On whatever level the relationship is you may do well to look at the needs of yourself and the other to determine the effects you have on the unit. For your own benefit you must be as beneficial for your partner as s/he is for you. If there are any unresolved issues within the relationship, now would be a good time to seek help be it from a counsellor, lawyer, psychologist etc. Anyone with an independent opinion in order to clarify yours. It is a good time for standing your ground, make feelings clear and come to a resolution as you will be well received now.

Capricorn ... All should be harmonious with work colleagues both management and those who work alongside you at this time, although it is time for clarity and sorting out any unresolved issues from the past. You will be fully aware that good interrelationships are needed for all to work smoothly. Your health should be good but there will be a need to control fatty or sweet food cravings as there may be a tendency to overindulge. Whether doing a job of work for yourself or someone else you need to focus on the best and most efficient way to get it done swiftly. The satisfaction you gain from this diligence now will mean so much more later, even if you have to strive to live up to the sense of duty to, or expectations of others. You may spend time being more concerned than usual about your health and hygiene and looking at ways to improve the function of your body and physical strength now.

Aquarius ... Now is the time for you to focus on doing what you want, when you want and how you want and woe betide anyone who tries to stop you. You will make some effort to meet your daily obligations but ... your free spirit is out of the bottle and wants to have some fun. If you have children then you will be more connected with them, and maybe getting more involved with them. However, make sure, you don't forget that you need to not just be yourself but to also know yourself ... don't just "act the part". Self discipline won't be your strong suit at this time but ... everyone needs a break now and then ... just don't get too carried away. This is a great time to just be you and allow others to experience that as well. Fun things such as Arts, dance, music are all things to compliment your lightness of being ... if you don't do these activities yourself, maybe go to see others who do.

Pisces ... This is a time for retreat to the place of quiet, secure and safety that is home maybe even with parents if you are able to. It is not that you want to cut off from public affairs because they are also integral to your home life balance. However, it is a peaceful time to be spent alone or even entertaining guests but in a gentle manner. It is a good time for decorating the home as well as you are in tune with your inner feelings so will do so in an understated subtle but light and elegant manner.

It is also time to look within and see if there are any unresolved issues carried from your early days of childhood and see if they are still affecting you now. If so get help to clear these conditionings that no longer serve you.

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