A ´Spiritual Life´ with Corina Talbot

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12 Jan
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Hello everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well, here we are, the year 2021 and I thought I would never make it to Fifth Year in School!

Oooooh, I wonder what is in store for us this year?

I have a question for you. Probably not what you are thinking, but do you like Elvis and his Music? Elvis was known to wake in the early hours and would write pages of lyrics for his songs. This is Channelling or Inspirational Writing (both have differences). He was also known to be a Healer and he is my guilty pleasure and as I sit here, I can just hear this song being played over and over.

´If I Could Dream´

If I could dream of a better land, where all my brothers walk hand in hand, tell me why, can´t my dream come true? Why? There must be peace and understanding sometimes. A Warmer sun, where hope keeps shinning on everyone.

Not word perfect to the lyrics, however, the message is simple and perfect. I know that you are off to ´Google´ it and listen now.

Leaving the last year behind us, we are now in an era where we have been through a cycle of learning about ourselves, who and what we are, clearing out, raising our vibration and letting go of that that is no longer of use or service to ourselves, to now becoming your own Creator.

We have had plenty of time in the past year to sit back to think, reflect, see situations clearly, release, forgive, look forward and dream. Don´t look back. There, you have just raised your vibration, moved forward and created a new reality for yourself.

Remember when you used to dream about winning the Lottery? What would you do with all that money? Treat your family and friends, buy new outfits, a new house, maybe your dream car, exotic holidays and fine dining. No more shopping in Primarni for you. It makes me chuckle now thinking about that image because yes, the flow of financial energy is important in this physical world, however, when you look back and seen what you have experienced recently, good or bad, I know that for all of us something has changed and how we look at things has changed too. I meet many people every day and they say the same. The most common is that people feel more relaxed, as if that were possible in Spain. It´s true, we went through feeling fear, depression, loneliness, happiness, regret, at oneness, upliftment, acceptance of the situation. This is a huge shift, so, I really want to say ´well done´ to everyone, this was tough I know.

Many have focused on what they can do, rather than what they can´t do. This time of contemplation puts everything in to focus. After we have dried our tears, we began to enjoy simple things like speaking to friends and family, planning trips or visits, waving to neighbours, loving meeting your friend for coffee and a chat. We have begun to cherish everything and find gratitude in the simple things because what is wealth? Money can´t buy health or love (maybe it helps!), so let´s ask us what makes a person rich? Sit for five minutes and go into your inner silence (this means sit quietly) and relax, look around you, listen, take in your home and your surroundings. Did you smile? If not, sit for longer! Probably at this point, your fur baby will want to be with you, allow them, as they bring the energy of unconditional love to you, it´s their gift and I know you can feel it. If you did smile, then you have found your Inner Peace. This is a gift in itself and one to be thankful for, as you can now look at the rocky roads of the future that you travel along, objectively and without stress and worry. Take yourselves to one side and contemplate these events before you react, be proactive and kind with your actions.

A wise man (David Cole, for those of you that know him) once said to me about ´worry´, Can you change it? No, why are you worrying then. Can you change it? Yes, then what are you waiting for, do something about it.

I have decided that in 2021, I am going to accept everything that is offered to me on my pathway without fear and move on from what I can´t change and look forward to how I would like to be, what type of life I would like to live and what that would look like. I´m going to dream big and take a leap of faith. You, can do exactly the same, be the best you can be, be kind and breathe when you feel angry or frustrated.

Gordon Higginson (A famous Medium from the U.K.) used to say, ´Spiritualise your problems, spiritualise your life, see your Soul´s journey and see yourself for who you truly are.

Move forward in to 2021 with hope and love in your hearts.

We will use this page to learn more about ourselves and what the meaning of a ´Spiritual Life´ really is.

Namaste my friends,


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