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4 May

May 2020 by Marion Parmenter +34617925467 Facebook page Whispers from Spirit

This month I will introduce Jupiter commonly known as "The Great Benefactor" or the Uncle of the chart. He rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. He is a planet that moves slowly, although not quite as slow as Saturn going through each sign in approximately a year. He helps with expansion, flow, growth and success and is much freer than the likes of "The Victorian Father", Saturn who I spoke of last month. He can expand the mind with knowledge and positive growth or make you gain weight so ... perhaps not all good. He can lack control so there can be issues with excess depending on the individual and the relationships he has with other influential planets in the natal chart. He can also bring links either positive or negative to do with the law, people in power, government officials etc. He also has a strong social influence (so important of late) and can be the "Glue" that holds everything together. Be careful what you wish for, because, if his influence is strong you may well get it! However, even the difficult aspects or relationships he makes as he moves through the chart, should not be too difficult to cope with. The advice would be to enjoy him but exercise care as he expands your awareness and shows you the doors that can open for you.

So what can we see for you during May ...

Aries ... This month your attention turns to your values in life be it material, intellectual or spiritual and you may even be in negotiations concerning money or property investments. You will have energy to get ahead but take care to avoid excess and stay disciplined, not extending beyond resources at hand. Any difficulties with others will need you to see their point of view and try to find common ground in order to achieve cooperation. You may have to change old behavior patterns or be called to account for decisions or work that you have not finished or have done poorly in the past ... However any challenges you overcome now will serve as a source of strength to help you in the future.

Taurus ... Now is a perfect time to look inward and see what you need for progress in the future rather than concerning yourself with the World at large. No, it's not selfish but necessary! If you don't fulfill your own needs at this time you will be of little use to others. The mind may be very busy and hard to tame though, darting from one topic to the next and others may find it hard to keep up. However, if you find that nervous energy getting a bit much, as this is not a natural state for you, move onto lighter more fun topics until it settles. You should find that if you can do this, you will be able to communicate well and project yourself in a way that creates a good impression this month. Do take care though, as all this may mean, you will not be particularly sensitive to the needs of others. If you find yourself getting frustrated and/or irritable because things are not going to plan or are moving too slow, direct your energy into hard work otherwise your health may suffer.

Gemini ... This time is perfect for you to de clutter your mind letting go of long held memories that may be causing you setbacks. A typical example is outworn behaviours that were learned as far back as childhood that are now, through life's experiences, outgrown and no longer appropriate. It is a good time to recognise these patterns of behaviour allowing them to exist, but realising that they are no longer relevant. We all show two sets of signals/ideas ... one being ideas of what we think we want to do and the other, sent out unconsciously to others that show what we are "really" trying to do. If these two signals don't "tie up" it causes others to lose faith in us due to confusion. Now, is not a good time for secrets and provided that you keep your ego in check you should speak out and voice your opinions. You may be attracted to spiritual or religious teachings as well as research and time to be alone to look into these matters. Meditation may also be beneficial now.

Cancer ... Friendships and groups will be forefront in your mind this month and your place within those areas. You will be looking at their values and ideas as well as your own and how you relate to them. It is time to ask yourself ... What kind of interaction do you have with those you are involved in and what role do they play in your life?? Do you fulfil each other's needs? You are normally quite content with your own company just dealing with who you are what your purpose is in life. However nobody can survive alone! It is time to let others know who you are so that you can fit into the group dynamic. Time to think about your goals and expectations in life and ask yourself some questions. Have you attained them and if so do they serve you?? Are they your own or have you adopted those of another person or groups and if that is so are they appropriate for you now? Look out for a younger person who may have an effect on you by shedding a different light on you and life in general!

Leo ... Now you will be concerned with your reputation and standing in the area of career and within the community at large. Take time to see if the direction you are going in is right for you and if you are projecting yourself in a way that will reap rewards. You may be asked to step into the centre stage with an area or project that has a certain amount of power but the responsibility that comes with that is also pretty weighty. Make sure you know your strengths and weakness as you need to represent yourself to the best of your ability. This is a positive time for this area of your public life and the natural flow of energies are on your side but truth will out so don't pretend to be something you are not ... it is not weak to acknowledge an area of your understanding that is unclear or that you are uncertain about. Parents will also come to the fore now and your interaction with them will be important. Although there may be issues from the past that need to be addressed and your thinking tweaked it will only be to allow you to plan for the future with a clear path ahead. The future is now!

Virgo ... Due to the obvious situation we are all facing causing restrictions with physical travel right now it will mean you need to be inventive and broaden your mind in other ways. Reading, study, World affairs and making the most trivial encounter a learning experience can help you to do this in the most enjoyable way possible. There is a real need for mental stimulation especially in relation to unusual very differing lifestyles and ideas to those you currently have. If you stimulate your mind with enjoyable or practical subjects and hobbies it will give you a much broader perspective on everything. Metaphysical, religious and spiritual concerns in general will also stimulate your mind and you will be more than receptive at this time. You may even get interested in law ... not involving yourself directly, but maybe studying your own legal rights in your everyday business. A good time for all kinds of communication and you will find yourself being much more tolerant of others differing opinions than you normally would be.

Libra ... This month sees you having a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner truths than you normally would. It is a good time to concentrate on that as normally we are too busy with the mundane, and become disconnected from our psychological side. There may be someone who you come to know and will have a real understanding of each other, through conversation. ... This connection may even make you change your thinking about some subjects or beliefs. Stay focused on the here and now as it would be easy at this time to get caught up with thinking about the mortality of your loved ones. You may be speaking to another about negotiations to do with joint investments or insurances or obtaining some financial backing which, if successful should be favourable.

Scorpio ... You may find that there is a need to think about your standing in the relationships in your life such as business partners or those with whom you may deal with financially. These could be consultants or experts in the health, legal fields or even life partners, where there needs to be explanations to clarify one or more situations. There could be conflict but even in this case you could find that the conflict will force you to examine and become more aware of your own position within the relationship. There is only gain for both parties in this situation if handled correctly, as it is not a good time to sit and let things brew on your own. Any encounter in a one to one situation will be stimulating and better than no communication now whether in cheerful banter or heated debate. Even calling on the services of a counsellor/therapist will be helpful as you are at a time when another point of view will bring clarity. It is also a good time to look at contracts and negotiations.

Sagittarius ... Come on now! time to roll your sleeves up and set to work. You need to work with efficiency and keep as much "on track" as possible, maybe forgoing immediate rewards or gratification in favour of what can be expected further down the line. It is a good time for you to examine and refine how you are applying yourself and the procedures or ways with which you work. This may also mean you have to step down and work the way another person asks you to. Even if you are technically "in charge" maybe you will have clients or a sense of obligation calling for you to do this, Now, you will find out if your ego will allow you to do so should the need arise. This will call for self control but you will get a great deal of satisfaction by doing what is asked of you well ... it will mean a lot!

Capricorn ... Although we have this unusual state of being this month, you feel a strong sense of freedom even if only in your mindset. Provided you meet your daily restrictions and obligations (which may be tricky for you this month) there is no reason why you can't enjoy doing what you want to do, so ... Woe betide anyone who tries to stop you doing just that! This time will bring fun and entertainment to your relationships with partners and also children. Lighthearted reading, writing and games that need the "cogs to turn" will be good for you now or further down the line. However, try not to get caught up in all this enjoying yourself so much so that you forget to not only "be yourself" but to "know yourself" and at the same time giving others their chance to have input. Also know that sometimes the practical jokes etc. are not always received in the way you put them out there.

Aquarius ... Family and home is extremely important to you this month and you need to also examine your personal life and those who affect it. If you find yourself harping back to events in the past, know that it will be because these events are still affecting you now. It may be that they have returned because they have been triggered by problems you are now trying to deal with. Look for the link between the past event and what is happening now and that will hint at what needs to be worked on. It has been stirred up for a reason and once dealt with should ease and help sort the current situation. If you are unsure, then maybe a parent will shed some light on it. Rather than talk it through, try writing to them to help you express yourself and ask for a written reply which you can then read, digest and absorb slowly. Answers can also come from taking yourself off on your own and even doing some meditation or something that takes you within. Issues from the past may have created behaviors that are outdated and inappropriate for now causing you major tension. Now is a great time to get it sorted once and for all.

Pisces ... This month calls for you to examine your interaction with those people you deal with on a daily basis, be they neighbors, friends, business colleagues and maybe some family members. Does the communication between you work both ways, is it clear and do you do all the talking or do you also listen??? Time now for clarity and explaining exactly where you stand on any given topic of importance. It is a good time for short distance travel and although that element in your life may be restricted, travel using other ways are important for you now. You should find that it will be easier to let others know the real you, communicate your feelings, thoughts and ideas and generally stop keeping people in the dark about yourself and what you are about. Life may feel a bit electric at the moment and you will need to steal yourself away from it all now and again to slow down, relax and recharge. Keep everything flexible at the moment as this is a time to gather information, not to reach any conclusions or finalize things. You never know what may turn up whilst the energy around you is still busy!

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