March Horoscopes

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3 Mar
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Hello again ... I am a Spiritual Medium and Healer and have an eagerness to share the Astrology I studied many years ago in everyday easy to understand language. This type of Sun Sign Astrology is pretty general, but can shed light on a complex subject so that we can understand a little about what is happening and how we are affected by the planetary movements. Each month I will try to drip a little info into this small space to spur you on and share my understanding.

So, as we begin March you may well have been feeling the Planet Mercury's retrograde effects (apparent backward motion) which started to build up and affect people around the first week of February. The retrograde starts 17th Feb. and will affect us all to some degree or another for aprox. 6 weeks in total finishing towards the 3rd week of March when Mercury is direct on 10th March and then picks up speed. It rules Gemini and Virgo so has a strong effect usually with those born in these signs. However, this major movement by a smaller faster planet rules all forms of communication from the nervous system to short journeys so you can't really escape it. He also rules computers, keys, cars and machinery and transport in general, letters, emails calls and the signing of important documents and making deals, which should be avoided if possible. Obviously business has to continue, so be warned, read, re read and read again ... cross T's and dot I's and maybe have a plan b. Appointments need to be checked and watch how you speak to people especially if there is a need to sort a difficulty. It's a good time to do anything which you can put Re in front of such as review, revision, redo and reflect. As the old saying goes "Forewarned is forearmed" !

So onto March 2020 Horoscopes

Aries ... An energetic but challenging time for you so think carefully to avoid disputes/arguments as you are apt to be a bit angry or irritable at this time. You won't want to compromise but that may be what you need to do. So stand strong with the big stuff and maybe give way to the little things that are not so important to avoid problems further down the line.

Taurus ... At some point this month your physical energy levels should be high and you will need to balance the physical and mental work you do taking care not to overdo it or take risks ... this should give you the ability to achieve much. Your confidence should also be high but again be careful you don't let your ego get out of hand, stand up for yourself by all means but watch you don't get into unnecessary arguments.

Gemini ... Watch out for someone who will unintentionally challenge you and may also be working at crossed purposes to what you are doing. You may not see it as unintentional and that could cause problems. Try to make your point and then leave it at that ... let it go and keep your communications as clear and light as possible. If you have ongoing projects you will be keen to finish them and start to reap rewards or see the consequences.

Cancer ... You may find that your energy and zest for life is high at this time and if you haven't made new strides in your desired direction now is a good time to "go for it". Time to socialize and ask for favours if needed as all face to face meeting should go well for you and will be enjoyable as you will make a good impression on others. The only "fly in the ointment" may be your ego as it could be challenged causing you to be a bit tetchy or at worst angry especially with your nearest and dearest. Try to keep control of the ego and not stifle what riles you but think it through and ask what is really important.

Leo ... A good time for you socially and romantically with a need to indulge in pastimes and people you enjoy as you won't want to put much energy into that which you have to work at. New friends will be found in the environment of groups and social situations and you may also create a good impression on those in authority such a boss or employer creating an opportunity for advancement.

Virgo ... You need to have a sense of culmination with something but be aware that the eagerness of this could make those in a superior position take an opposing standpoint which may make things very uncomfortable for you. If you have prepared well you'll get through the difficulties and succeed ... if you haven't and you meet with failure, hard though it may seem ... head up and start again. It was an experiment that failed but you will have gained enormously in experience ready for next time. Don't be tempted to withdraw and feel defeated, equally don't expect negotiations to reach a satisfactory conclusion ... discuss by all means but wait until later in the month when Mercury goes direct to reach that point.

Libra ... Come on you ... an energetic time, when you can accomplish much, although you may be tested and asked to prove yourself and ideas. Think before you speak and act, as you won't want to give ... but that is what you may need to do! Just make a stand on what is vital and ease back on the little things to get what you want. Making creative compromises now will be good for your future. It will be good for you to review any paperwork, communications etc. that has built up but with Mercury retrograde be careful and double check things.

Scorpio ... Your energy on all levels and your confidence should be good this month and you will be able to stand up for yourself should the need arise. You may get the chance of new opportunities in your job which could later lead to promotion or salary increase. Working on your own or in a group should be beneficial to all. A time of knowing what you want and how to get it, take every chance that presents itself. Any negotiations, bartering and disagreements could go your way as you can present yourself and your ideas well but ... take care that communications are clearly understood by the other party with Mercury's weak placement this month.

Sagittarius ... Be aware that there may be something that you have been working towards building or a there is a new element of your personality that has come to the fore that will be challenged by someone. Although they may seem to be deliberately working against you or are at cross-purposes they actually have the same motives as you and you need to try to understand this. It's as if this is being tested before it comes out into the open. Know that whatever happens now will most likely bear fruit in the not too distant future. Also a good time for getting a clear idea of your own thinking and communicating those thoughts but, take note that Mercury being weak this month means you need to make sure others understand you.

Capricorn ... This month should a time to review all your endeavors and plans for the year to see what still needs sorting. You should be full of energy which will see you get physical jobs "done n dusted" in no time and even if you have done a lot of mental work you will still feel the need to let off steam. However, this surge needs to be controlled and you need to take care so that you don't suffer by overdoing it and causing an accident, injury or an argument. Used wisely, this energy should help you get more done than you normally would. Health should feel particularly good now. Although, also a good time for discussion and forthright talks, with the Mercury retrograde be careful that others don't misunderstand you. Take care how you put things, especially topics of a delicate nature.

Aquarius ... Mercury retrograde may affect all those born at the end of the sign as it enters in reverse at the beginning of the month so communicate carefully and check all types of communications to try to avoid mistakes and awkward situations. It is a time to look at yourself and get your mindset straight ... give it an ITV so to speak. If you have felt a little ignored just do as mentioned a continue working on your own as this will soon pass. Also take care and use this time to do the same with your finances and what we call moveable valuables. Best to just review these rather than do anything rash until late in the month if possible. Even if Mercury is not too important in your natal chart it affects everyone so keep your head down until it passes.

Pisces ... This is a time when you could be so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you don't notice "the other point of view" ?! Although a good time to express yourself and your ideas Mercury as I have emphasized is "Not on your side" and others may misunderstand you subjective point of view. However, communication with men or someone in a higher, more influential position to you is highlighted at this time. You may feel restless and need to get out and about and will learn much more from local travel than at any other time. Once Mercury turns direct picks up speed around the middle of the month you can get going with new ideas and/or beginnings unique to you and let everyone know about them with a gentle confidence and enthusiastic energy.

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