A cleaning gel for car detailing

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4 Aug
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cleaning gel for car detailing

that will make sure that the grimy inside of your car matches the spiffy outside of your car.

  • ?????Car cleaning gel?The car cleaning gel putty is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your car. This auto detailing gel can pick up dust, hair and crumbs from cracks. It can be used for small gaps on the ventilation slots, steering wheels, console panel and much more.
  • ?????Super efficient?This car interior cleaner is easy to use. Just knead cleaning gel into a ball, press it slowly into the keyboard or car vent and then pull it out, the dirt would gone. This cleaning gel can penetrate into every corner to thoroughly clean your devices 97% dirt, crumbs.
  • ?????High-tech Cleaning Material?The auto cleaning gel is made of high-tech cleaning gel material with lavender fragrance, not sticky to hands, friendly to skin and can be used with confidence. (Please keep it away from children, it is not edible.)
  • ?????Reusable cleaning gel?This keyboard cleaner could be used for several times till the color turns to dark, then you have to replace it with a new one. When cleaning finished, put the gel back in box and keep in cool place. (Please keep it away from water.)
  • ?????Universal use? The cleaning gel for car is also used in some places such as home and office. This universal dust cleaner cleans your car, computer, electronics, furniture and much more. The suitable surface must be free of water, or the dust removal gel would stick to it.

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