Doll Beauty Halloween Makeup with Danielle

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10 Oct
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Spooky Glam Halloween Makeup 

First of all start with the eyes.

The reason why I apply eye makeup first is because the dark colours used on the eyes can easily drop down onto the face and ruin your base makeup.

For the eye makeup I used Stila Cosmetics Eyes and the Window palette in ‘Soul’ and used the tan shade in the crease of the eye, and the black all over the eyelid.

If you have any drop down eyeshadow simply just wipe away using a face wipe.

Over the eyeshadow I applied Stila Cosmetics glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow in shade ‘vivid amethyst’ to add some sparkle to my models dark smokey eyes.

I then applied some black eyeliner in her waterline and underneath her eye and popped on some black mascara and false lashes to complete the eyes. 

After you’ve completed the eyes, move on to the base. Apply your normal go to night out makeup on the face and finish off with popping the glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow that you used on the eyes, onto the lips too! 

How to make fake wounds with 3 simple ingredients 

You will need - 

Liquid Latex 


Fake Blood 

Step 1 - Apply the tissue paper onto the painted area of skin.

Step 2 - Let the glue dry for a minute or so. When your paper is firmly attached, repeat the process.

Step 3 - Use your brush to add another layer of glue on top of your toilet paper. Two layers will work but adding more layers will give your wound more depth.

Step 4 - Apply fake blood over the wounds! 

Top Tip - Apply some black eyeshadow inside the fake wound to make the wound appear deep! 

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