How To Turn Your Garden Into An Enchanting Party Venue

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8 Oct
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How To Turn Your Garden Into An Enchanting Party Venue

We may only be allowed to have six people in the garden right now, but that's enough for a party in our book!!

Is there anything better than lolling around the garden with your nearest and dearest as a hot day turns in to a balmy night? Entertaining outdoors is effortless, if you know how to set it up right. From the decorations to the setting, there's a world of options, depending on what kind of party you want to host: a movie night, grilling fest or boozy meal are all wonderful options. Below are a few tips and our edit of the best garden party items you need.

This garden boasts not one but two outdoor dining spaces for garden parties. This shaded area stands below a green canopy of six pollarded plane trees.

There are two long tables, ideal for languorous dining.

A trestle table makes for a simple, rustic dining area. The use of this indoor-outdoor space means you can entertain come rain or shine.

This shady terrace is a little slice of heaven. The director's chairs are a great choice as they can fold away when you don't need them to make more space, or be brought out when extra guests appear.

Awnings can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish, and they will always have a use at a garden party, come rain or shine. An electric awning in a little garden at home creates an exterior room, extending the dining room maybe for those times when you over-invite. It is perfect for where space is limited.

Use fabrics such as canvas, hessian or sailcloth; they look great suspended on ropes or stretched across poles or trees. Beautiful shadows are reflected onto sailcloth from the palms above, creating a natural-born party decoration with minimal fuss that's perfect for a daytime party.

Try treating draping foliage like theatre curtains, tying it back with string. Properly installed outdoor lighting creates atmosphere, as well as providing illumination above a table.

Make hanging firefly glass lanterns:


Fabric scissors

Old glass jars

White fabric (optional)

Double-sided tape

Battery-operated tea lights, one for each lantern

    • For each lantern, cut a square of muslin big enough to cover the lid and overhang the jar.
    •  Place the muslin over the top of the lid and anchor it to the top of the lid by fixing it with a piece of double-sided tape.
    • Place the battery-operated tea light into the jar, screw on the lid so the cloth hangs down and covers the jar.
    • To make the hanging loop, cut or tear a strip of muslin measuring approximately 30 x 2cm. Loop it around the neck of the jar and secure with a slip knot. Now take the long loose end over to the opposite side of the neck of the jar so that a long loop is formed over the lid. Push the end under the fabric tied around the jar and secure with a looped slip knot. You can easily undo and redo the hanging loop when you take off the lid to turn the light on or off.

A projector is a great investment for any film-loving family. Warm evening? Invite friends over and set up an outdoor cinema with your favourite classic movie, some wine and all-important snacks.

Select a grassy area in your garden and make simple canopies by tying the corners of pieces of fabric to the ends of long poles. Place the poles on either side of the table or tables and press them firmly into the ground to ensure that they are secure. They will provide shade and look pretty.

If you're having a garden party, you might as well cook outdoors. You'll need the gear, whether that's a fire pit, barbecue or pizza oven.

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