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3 Aug
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Dear Readers,

It has been an eventful summer so far. As the pandemic evolves and changes how we live our daily lives. With a responsible approach we can enjoy the things which are ultimately most important to us. I would like to say a big thank you for such an overwhelming response to July’s edition of The Journal. Your interaction is invaluable as I continue to develop and improve our community magazine.

There is a lady who has guessed where the cove on the front cover is. It is a beautiful cove just up from Los Puertos. Well done for knowing it as we have so many beautiful coves on our spectacular coastline to choose from. I hope the lady ( who chooses to remain anonymous) enjoys the dinner for 2 prize.

I would like to invite you all to tell me where this month’s front cover is?

Are you all getting used to using QR codes? They are a new way of life now and so very helpful as they give so much more information.

We have some new features this month with a guide to buying property and now a mortgage calculator on the website.

We also have a fantastic new section “Just Ask” This will be a monthly feature inviting you to raise any issues you are facing with a fully qualified support team.

I will now leave you to read and enjoy……

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