The Nightlighter flashlight

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4 Feb
The Nightlighter flashlight image 1

The Nightlighter is a flashlight that has the well being of your feet in mind as much it has your directional sense.

Priced at €19.95, the Nightlighter is a wide-coverage LED illumination device that lights up the space ahead of you, as well as below you so you remain equally aware and vigilant of any obstacles that eluded the first shine of defense. The light is an ergonomic and lightweight design that comes with a handle, eliminating the need to lift it above your sides.

The front-facing lightbulb is a narrow-angled beam that uses four ultra bright 5mm white LEDs, while the down-facing wide-angled beam uses two bright 5mm white LEDs to illuminate the ground and your feet. The Nightlighter can also be adjusted so only one light is shining at one point. To improve the flashlight's weight distribution, the battery is located below the user's hand, deviating from the sapping designs of conventional flashlights where the battery is found away from the hand.

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