Vogue tells us about spring makeup tips

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2 Apr
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With the turn of every season comes unexpected takes on traditional beauty. Take, for instance, the pastel color palette, a long-preferred spectrum in spring, when light shades of purple, green, and blue begin to naturally shape the scene. It’s a backdrop best used to inspire, rather than mirror, proves cool girls such as Emily Ratajkowski, who recently intensified her rose-color eyeshadow, a look that radiated between full lash and bold brow, with a sheer blush lip and pinched pink cheeks.

For an even bolder take on a too-often cliché course, look to musician Ikeda Shamara, who swiped a slapdash line of thick canary yellow across her lids to electrifying effect. Makeup artist Teisha Williams put texture first in a recent share that finds her lime-green, coffin-shaped nails taking cues from her wet nude lips and clear blue eyeshadow, the latter of which looked so sticky one might wonder if they could peel right off. And leave it to Ruby Aldridge, in all her cute quirkiness, to offer up a dose of pigment via two orange Kool-Aid-color brows, an off-center look that appeared grounded in a makeup-free face and a no-apologies attitude. Here, five makeup ideas to transform your look into something extra. After all, ’tis the season to start anew.

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