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8 Dec
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A smart light switch lets you control your lights anytime and anywhere.

If you’re still flipping a switch to turn your lights on and off, you’re a bit behind the times. As the rest of your home gets smarter, why shouldn’t your lights?

Enter the smart light switch, which lets you turn your lights on and off from almost anywhere using your smartphone. If you’re the type who lives on a strict schedule, you can also use an app to program when the lights in your home will power on and off automatically. You can even have your lights switch off the second you walk out your front door.

Top picks work with Alexa and Google Assistant, making turning the bedroom lights off from a comfy bed as easy as saying "Alexa, turn off bedroom lights." Some of these smart switches require a separate hub or bridge to function, and if you aren't comfortable doing minor electrical wiring, consider hiring a professional or opting for smart light bulbs instead.

But if you have tall ceilings or can't afford to purchase multiple smart bulbs, a smart light switch is definitely the way to go.


Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch


The Lutron Caséta comes with a convenient remote control, is easy to install, and integrates with most major smart home services. 

Although it requires a bridge (one is included in this bundle), we think it's still the best smart light switch money can buy. It's a versatile option that'll work with any setup - whether you use Apple HomeKit, an Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest, or IFTTT. We use ours with an Echo speaker to easily turn off or dim our non-smart lights with our voice.

This option, which is available in single-pole or three-way setups, offers geofencing capabilities, meaning your lights can automatically turn on when you arrive, and then off when you leave your home. It can be controlled with your voice using your smart speaker, your smartphone, or its included remote.

Also, its app has "scenes," which program the lights for specific scenarios. For instance, there's a vacation scene that'll turn the lights off and on at specific times to give the appearance that you're home. Features like these make it stand out from its competitors, and make it a worthy addition in your smart home.

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