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2 Mar
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Some things just don’t happen overnight and most of our equine rescues are long term if not permanent projects. St Ledger came to us about 2 years ago not in great condition, with a broken bone in her foot and a very poor overall condition, now she is happy, healthy and enjoying life. This girl would make a great companion horse and with the right loving treatment may even be good for a little light riding. Unusually she came passported and micro-chipped so she can travel. Search for St Ledger on our FB page and you will see many photos and video of her and how beautiful and happy she is. If you are interested in giving her a home then please contact me via FB or phone/WhatsApp me on 690606565. 

Another of our rather beautiful horse rescues is the rather dashing Landers. He came to us about 6 months ago not in the best of condition, but just look at him now via our FB page. He is looking rather gorgeous as well as being super happy! Way to go Landers and St Ledger you beauties.

One of the ways you can help any of our rescues is by becoming a sponsor. Your money is put to good use by going towards any farrier, vets, livery and upkeep costs. All you have to do is make a monthly payment and you can choose which animal you would like. In exchange for that you will get 6 monthly updates, photos and newsletters to keep you up to date with what is happening at AAR and how your animal is progressing. This makes a great gift for an animal lover and the satisfaction of knowing that all your money goes towards the upkeep of your chosen animal.

It is important for us to get our charity and the work it does spread near and far. One of the ways this can be done is by sharing as many of our FB posts as you can. With over 80 equines in our care it is very important we shout our work from the rooftops. We are so very proud of what we have achieved over the past 12 years and what there is to look forward to with The Henrietta Sanctuary opening at La Paca. This is where all our donkeys are going to live and eventually as we complete more phases dogs and other animals too. Therefore, we need to be known in as many places as possible. We rely totally on public support and funding, much of which is through our 2 shops in Mazarron Town and Roldan, fundraising events and support of local businesses we still need more, and this is a small way in which you can help us. Please share, share, share!

Oh my, we have a diva donkey on our hands! Our beautiful Bombom is growing and finding her feet. She is doing remarkably well to say her mother has never taken any interest in her and has been hand reared. I think we should have called her Beyonce! as she struts around the yard! She is nearly 6 months old and now go longer without needing feeding, which is a great relief for my Kevin, who has been her surrogate!

I still have in my care Paco and Rupert, they are both stunning boys who are very well behaved. They are of a medium size and waiting so patiently for a forever home. They are ready to go with all the necessary paperwork in place, including their passports so they can travel. 

Please come and see us in one of our shops either in Roldan (10.30am-230pm) or in Mazarron Town (10am-2pm) opposite the Medical Centre where any donations can be dropped off or on Mondays between 11.30am-1.30pm, Car Park, Camposol B, where I will be in my usual spot. Andrea

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