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7 Oct
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Welcome October, it's a little cooler thankfully , I need not tell you that we had temperatures in high 40 in August. We, or should I say the donkeys coped really well with the heat and only spent an hour or so each afternoon in the shade. Must be nice to have no worries, and spend days wandering and munching , Anyway cooler weather, bits of greenery growing at the sanctuary but it doesn't last long when the donkeys spot it !
One of our ponies, Flash, is now living the high life with a French family in El Paraton , He is a companion pony for their two horses. He settled well within three days and when one of the horses was taken for her exercise Flash found a way out of the paddock area and joined in the fun. We think there in love, horses pony and humans alike. We know that it was a great move for flash.
One out …. And one in !!!!!!
There is a small town near Cartagena called Santa Ana, known locally as Santana. Well we were called to an area of the township by UCECO, (the animal protection section of Policía Local in Cartagena) where a horse had been abandoned in a lane. Due to the late evening and our feeding g duties we could not attend that day so he was put in the garden of a friend of the policeman overnight. The following day we collected him and put him into livery for now. He was hungry, needs a farrier, and suffers with a sway back,he's also drastically underweight, he is a really well behaved boy and appears to have been trained. By the time this has gone to print we should be fully aware of his health and potential and should be fully settled. We will give further update next month, however updates will also be on our Facebook page. Which includes details of how you can support us, by donations, adoption or sponsorship of one of our 89 equines, yes that's not a typing error, we do have 89 equines now, horses ponies but majority of which are donkeys.
Sanctuary news is that now the summer is over and the town hall should be back on track we are hopeful that we will be able to start building the stables. We are not ones for pushing our luck by pre-empting and starting the build. Give us the papers and we can start.
- Don't forget that I am on Camposol B sector carpark , 11.30/1.30 each and every Monday collecting items for our shop.
Until next month take care .


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