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11 Jan
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Happy New Year to all our supporters 

Hello everyone,wow it’s January .... . Let's hope this year is better than last. We did however have a decent ending to the year. One of our dogs Pipo , who was homed in early December in Blackpool , is doing great and settling in really well’s to a long lasting loving relationshiip with his new mum . 
Early December saw the arrival of Noella. It was 8am when Kevin went up to feed. Laid on the floor was Kate one of our donkeys and when Kevin got to her he saw that she was giving birth but seemingly struggling with the birth. Kevin helped deliver the foal , who we’ve called Noella. Kate is a really good mother and both are doing so well. 
However just three weeks later another one of out donkeys Gracie was proudly showing off HER new born foal.Both these girls came to us 6 months ago (well actually we took in 5 ) These girls were not being looked after , the owner couldn’t feed himself so these girls were way down the food chain , so we stepped in and they were relinquished into our care . 
Gracy Was also a good mother protecting her young. Everything appeared normal however about 4pm that same day the little one, who we called Holly , appeared to be getting weaker , so we decided to take her and her Moma to hospital in Alicante for a check up. So glad we did as it was found that Holly was not drinking properly, in fact if we had not taken her she would not have survived the night. The hospital started to work on her , X-rays , ultra sounds , bloods catheter fitted, tubes into her stomach so she could feed , and they started her on antibiotics as she had an infection , dear god ... horrid horrid time , waiting to hear if she made it hour by hour .. bless her ,Gracy was so good , I’m sure she knew we were trying our best to help her foal , luckily mum let the vets express milk for her , mother’s milk is the best as they say lol ! Within the first few hours a foal has to have mothers milk to get the colostrum that carries antibodies between mother and foal. Luckily they were able to do this , AND ....we are so so happy to report both Gracie and Holly are doing well.
Gracy has had a touch of colic at the hospital but seems fine now ..... As I write this both will be coming home , just in time for Christmas! Holly is one lucky girl, I know everyone was rooting for them both . 

The sanctuary in LA Paca is steadily moving along. But as usual here things take that much longer to sort. We are hoping that 2021 will see the sanctuary be up and running. We can't wait to open our gates to you the public, and let you see all our work , and most importantly our family of donkeys ....this is where your donations go , to make their lives better ... fingers , toes, arms and legs are all crossed just waiting for that day to come. Anyway at least that will give us something to write about later this year. 

We had a lovely donation of €50 from the Camposol Runners (colin Thackwell )it’s so lovely to be included in this guys thankyou so much , we tend to get pushed to the side primarily being a donkey rescue ... but with nearly 90 !! Yes 90 donkeys we need every cent /euro .. so thankyou Camposol runners .... 
I will be starting back on monday 4th Jan on Camposol, (covid permitting) in my usual spot on the car park 11.30/1.30 collecting all your unwanted items /gifts ....and larger items we can collect so please don’t forget us , the donkeys need you any change to this will be on our Facebook page . 
Once again hope this year is better for all of us, take care, and stay safe.


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