April Horoscopes

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1 Apr

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This month I will say a little about Saturn a slow moving planet known as "The Victorian Father" of the chart as he brings us our toughest lessons. He is practical, organized, determined and strong but can be slow, negative, arrogant and a bully.

He rules Capricorn and Aquarius where he is at the moment and although he is happy there, has a tendency to slow everything down and bring a seriousness to things as he is a large, weighty Earth planet.

He slowly moves through all twelve signs of the chart in approximately 29 years and six months meaning that at this point in your life he returns to the same place in the chart as he was when you were born bringing a significant and life changing event/s. Therefore, the area of life that he will affect most will be determined by his position in the chart at the date, time and place of birth.

His affects can be felt for a year either side of this age and although these events can be really tough even fateful, if we drive on through we are strengthened by them as we experience a major "growing up" !

Often there will be marriages, childbirth or situations when we take on responsibilities for others, moving house and getting loans/mortgages or entering into positions of responsibility such as starting a new business ... or there will be loss of important people in our lives and destruction of all of the aforementioned.

There is no escape as it is like a kind of fate put in place by the sub conscious to help us get what really matters to our progression in life.

It will come around for most of us again at 59 years of age and it is said that what we don't learn from the lesson the first time, it will just repeat.

So ... Now we see what April may bring ... taking into account the Virus so if I say travel maybe do it in a virtual way !

Aries ...
You should find you have an increase in energy, vitality, self confidence and drive this month. You will also be able to "put yourself out there" with more forcefulness than usual and create a good impression. However, finding some "Me time" will be essential and taking care of personal matters will be important. If you don't do this and fulfill your own needs, you will suffer and be of no use to anyone. You will also be optimistic for bringing about good feelings of peace and harmony. You need to expand your mind and maybe taking a trip will help you do this. With group projects/decisions, although you won't be inclined to back down you will have foresight and a good understanding of the overall pattern and be able to reach common ground.

Taurus ...
You need to get in touch with your deep feelings as without realising it, there may be drivers directing your life in ways that you are not aware of and they are counterproductive. This is a time to see that childhood patterns and behaviors no longer serve you, as you now have life experience and are better equipped to deal with emotions and stress' in a much better way. You may need some quiet time to reflect on the past year and see honestly how you have dealt with "your World". You need to accept without ego your failings and your success' and those of others around you. If you acknowledge the failings they will have less effect on both you and those who are important. This should be time to communicate important points to others for yourself and on behalf of a group. If you have to deal with persons in authority, voice your views by all means but take care with the manner in which you do this as you may receive a hostile reception. Remember that the energy that you put out is what may come back to you.

Gemini ...
Values and ideas of all friendships and groups you have links to will be under the spotlight this month. The role they play in your life will be important as will whether you meet each other's needs. Socializing and studying those you mix with will be interesting as it will show a reflection of yourself. It is time to stand up for who you are and what your views are in order to find you place within the group and you need to do this without being domineering. It is time to recognize your hopes and wishes around what you want your life to be and you need to follow those ideals. You may well find that your goals and objectives coincide with those you associate with and rather than getting lost within that you should find that your identity is affirmed. People you mix with from all areas could be easy, pleasant and beneficial to your overall development. Strive to be you and know who "Yourself" is!

Cancer ...
Circumstances may be testing this month and make you question yourself and what you are doing. Watch out for others who you will get quite angry with as they question you ... it is not through any malice but just that they are working at cross purposes but it is not intentional. There will be a need to finish projects before moving into the next thing. You may be put in the limelight with something but be aware that the responsibility that will come with the attention will weigh heavy. The flow of natural energy is with you now and as long as you know your own strengths and don't pretend you are something you're not all should go well. Parents and your relationship with them may be very important at this time. Anything in the past done in a slipshod manner may come to the fore and need correcting but generally this is a time to look towards the future.

Leo ...
Time to broaden your horizons in every way through study travel and meeting those from totally different backgrounds making even the most trivial encounter a learning experience. Courses, hobbies and intellectual pursuits are all well favored this month. You may also need to investigate a legal aspect in connection to your everyday activities or business at this time. You may find you are more receptive to spiritual, metaphysical or religious concerns as well. It is important to keep a sense of balance and be yourself without any interference from others. Take stock and evaluate recent achievements using this overview to firm up affaires so that you will be prepared and be able to withstand any future wobbles. Any failures that need a "different tack", need just that ... so don't keep going over them just salvage what you can and move forward with a different approach.

Virgo ...
You feelings, emotions and general psychological health need your attention and you should find you have more time to do this now. It may seem like you are compelled to make changes in behavior which in turn force life changes. This can be difficult to understand as they are driven by the psyche but if you make a concerted effort to get in touch with these inner needs all will make sense and feel more comfortable later. Watch for someone who challenges your values or affects you on a deep level helping to bring about self inquiry and real change in your life. Joint finances or the finances of another will be highlighted this month. You may feel a bit weary of one to one battles ... just try to "give up the fight" and "go with the flow". Remember out of every pile of ashes something fresh grows!

Libra ...
One to one connections will teach you a lot about yourself and the effects you have on others this month. Especially with your partner, in whatever relationship it is, it's a time to evaluate both their needs and yours ... make sure you both meet those needs. Work with someone rather than alone or at least seek the opinion of someone even if only in an advisory capacity is important now. Similarly it is a good time to consult a specialist be it lawyer, doctor, counselor or even an astrologer/psychic for guidance. This may help you gain an independent perspective so that you can compare to your own ideas about the given situation. Even conflict will help you examine your own position and thus become more aware of yourself. Something you have been working towards may be coming to a climax ... if it fails ... remember all experiences in life are experiments .. pick yourself up and on to the next one.

Scorpio ...
Efficiency and Effectiveness are your "Buzz words" for the month ... how to get work in all departments of your life done to the best of you ability and swiftly. You may need to set ego needs aside to work for others wishes without attracting conflict and discomfort at this time. Even if you are your own boss you may find that you will be dictated to by others needs such as clients and show you can live up to your own standards of self control. But self satisfaction will come from doing "the job" well. You will find that health and hygiene will be important this month but take care not to become obsessed. Your energy should be good this month and it is important to examine what you need physically, mentally and emotionally and follow exercises which help with this by yourself and for yourself.

Sagittarius ...
This should be a happy time for you as the energy is light and you may enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest as this partnership will be highlighted. Free and single? Look out for a connection made now that could lead to love! If children are a part of your life, you may be examining the relationship you have with them and find yourself doing things together that you enjoy. If allowed to do what you want when you want you will also enjoy expressing/being yourself. However, don't get too caught up in the enjoyment and not examine yourself ... use this time to not only be yourself but also to know yourself. The only words of warning are that you don't come up against those in authority and get angered due to the restrictions put on you. Make sure the facts are true and if this does not "sit well" with you ... talk it out and channel the annoyance into work or a workout!

Capricorn ...
Home is a good place for you this month and all connected to it because you need a safe secure place from which to work. Meditation and time spent going within is also good so that anything that still affects you from your family history can be dealt with. Areas of the past that still create tensions for you now need to be exorcised and to do this it could be good to call in someone else such as a counsellor to help with personal growth and free yourself of these outworn patterns. There has either been a project/structure that you have been working on or there is an element of your personality that is struggling to get out but is being tested. Give yourself time and pretty soon ... all you success' and failures will out ... whatever happens growth is imminent.

Aquarius ...
Your energy should be great and you can take the opportunity to assert yourself amongst other and create a good impression. This is a time when communication and interaction within your immediate surroundings is 'key', especially with the people you deal with on a day to day basis. Make sure that it is in balance with you being the listener as well as the speaker. If there has been confusion about your views and how you feel about important issues, now is the time to make them clear. Make sure you realize how far you have come with goals you set yourself this year and the possible direction ahead. That way you won't be ignorant of the possible hiccups being brought to your attention by others in the not too distant future.

There is also an influence that will need you to focus on you and notice what you feel about yourself restructuring parts of yourself if you feel the need to do so.

Pisces ...
A time to reflect on your values, what you value and the relationship you have with those things. This is a good period to express yourself through personal possessions. Showing off something you have and wanting to share, like having a party to showcase your home or buying a nice car is a good thing as long as you don't get carried away and you behaviour becomes obnoxious. Remember it's good to shine your own light but don't obliterate or overshadow that of others. Later in the month you should be in a position to put all the pieces of your life's puzzle together to get a glimpse of the bigger picture and be able to work carefully towards your ideals. You may find that you will gain great awareness/experience from those you come into contact with who have authority and far from it being self serving, it will give you greater knowledge that you can use to help others.


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