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9 Jun
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Camposol Character Stuart Fearn,

Stuart and Alix Fearn, arrived to live in Camposol early in July 2006 with their daughter Emily aged 4 and their son Toby, who was just 11 months old at the time. Stuart’s father in law Colin and his wife Katie, had already been living in Camposol for 2 years. The Fearn family came for a one week holiday which was their first taste of Camposol and by the end of the week they had also purchased a villa on sector D which they originally only intended to use as a holiday home. In less than one year, the family moved to a larger property on sector B which is also where Alley Palais is situated, the first business joint managed and purchased by Colin, Stuart and their wives Katie and Alix.

For a number of years, Stuart was commuting back and forth from the UK as he was employed as a successful pharmaceutical sales director whist the rest of the family worked hard to bring better facilities and services to Alley Palais.

By early 2012, Stuart had really had enough of the commuting so looked for a way to stay in Camposol on a full time basis. The availability of the lease on The Clubhouse at Camposol Club De Golf became a superb opportunity to enable this to happen and Stuart and Colin jointly took on the lease.

It was not long after the Clubhouse changed hands that Stuart and Colin were approached by the owners of The Golf Course, as it was in danger of closing, due to its’ owners going into receivership. Stuart admitted that he knew very little about golf or about running a golf course but this simply did not faze him or Colin, who still run this very popular and successful business today.

For a brief spell in 2014 Stuart and Colin were also partners in another venue down on the coast ,but are now content with being 100% Camposol focused.

The residents of Camposol should be very thankful that they had the vision to see this project through. What a terrible thing it would have been for the urbanisation had the golf course also fallen into disrepair, like the hotel, which although is now being refurbished was closed for 7 years.

Stuart and his family have heavily invested in Camposol and are an integral part of the community. They regularly help with community related projects and charities and are always open to new ideas from customers and friends alike and the urbanisation is lucky to have them.

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