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31 Mar
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Sector B Camposol

Following on from our article about the history of the oldest and most established sector of Camposol last month, we wish to continue our story, this time focusing on sector B. The demand for properties soon outstripped the supply, and by the year 2000, the developer, Grupo Masa had starting releasing building plots across the other side of what is now the RM3 motorway and became known as sector B.

In the early days, it was possible to cross the road between sectors A and B as they were linked by a single-track road. Years later, as the traffic increased and became a little hazardous; an underpass was constructed linking the two areas together. The advent of the new motorway meant this underpass became redundant and a footbridge for pedestrians, and a road bridge over the motorway replaced it, which is how it is accessed today.

The “other side” of Camposol is very different, and is a great deal larger than sector A with regard to the number of properties and businesses that have since been constructed. Camposol is not described as a private urbanisation or a potential gated, private community, as it has some wonderful facilities such as a National petrol station (GALP) and a major supermarket chain, namely Consum, meaning it must be accessible to the general public.

The commercial centre on this side of the urbinisation has a multitude of businesses whose products and services have changed and matured over the years. The first business to be opened in this new commercial centre area was Camposol Computers who offered an invaluable service as back in the early part of the 2000`s, communications were extremely difficult. No one had land lines, mobile phone calls were expensive and our phones were not “smart”. It is all too easy these days to take the luxury of free calls via internet for granted. There was no Face time or Whatsapp, and Skype and Just Voip were only available if you paid for it.

Camposol Computers (now Compusurf) offered phone booths and an internet café or none of us could have stayed connected with our friends and family in the U.K without considerable cost. Many of us can remember those times and for being eternally grateful that they existed. Other businesses closely followed them, snapping up the commercial units. Who remembers “El Tardio” and “Scoobies” which were the first bars to set up business there? There was also “The Shang Hai Wok Buffet” in the early days but that did not last too long!

20 years on, the commercial centre is a well-established area with a comprehensive array of businesses. If you are looking for where to eat and drink you need look no further. There are 3 Indian, 1 Chinese and 2 International restaurants in the main square, as well as an authentic Bulgarian. There is also an American Diner, and 3 different cafés, each offering a different hot and cold food and drinks, catering for just about everyone. If it is a takeaway you prefer, the majority offer a carry out service and there is a real “chippy” too. The recently refurbished Alley Palais Entertainment Centre, now a very popular venue, also houses PJ’z who offer a wide range of pizza, fried chicken and kebabs.

Camposol also has its`own Chinese “todo” shop. This enormous store needs time to browse but has something for everyone.

Some of the other valuable business services in this location includes a National electrical retailer incorporating a kitchen showroom, a hair and beauty salon, a veterinary practice, an opticians, and a swimming pool construction company. There is also a British Supermarket where you can also find all your old favourites. If it is home furnishings you are looking for then you can also find a good range of quality products at very reasonable prices in the adjacent unit.

When it comes to greeting cards and gifts there are also 2 retail outlets offering those, together with passport renewal and flight booking services. If you are still searching for that dream property or helping others to find theirs, there are plenty of estate agents and property rental companies to choose from too.

Still on sector B, but not in the commercial centre, Camposol has its` own very well-equipped gymnasium with a wide range of classes and activities for all levels. There is also the cultural centre open to all residents and groups and is widely used for local charity events such as The Forget Me Not Charity, who use it on Mondays to give carers some respite. There is also a monthly held jumble sale held here.

 The MABS cancer charity also has a full-time respite centre found on the main carriageway offering a much needed and vital service to this community.

Beneath the main commercial centre, via a walkway, there are some other business services which include a post office, the popular bar “Black Bull”, and a charity shop, which raises funds for the local abandoned animals. There are still a few empty units here too, which are available for rental and conversion for new businesses.

Please remember that it is important that we all support our local businesses, and all the year round. The commercial units are expensive to rent, and we should all remember that if we do not support them, we could lose them. Most business owners live and work in the community and are only too happy to chat whilst serving you.

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