DIY Foraged Holiday Wreath

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8 Dec
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DIY Foraged Holiday Wreath

If you haven't made your own wreath before, this project is a must-try DIY this year. We used clippings from our garden and our neighbour's (thanks, neighbour!) to make this beautiful and simple holiday wreath.

Don't have greenery in your own garden? Visit the campo or visit the local florist, they have terrific picks, offering a wide selection of beautiful branches. You can go for a rustic vibe, a modern and sleek look, or more traditional. Add velvet ribbon, berries, or bells for a lovely holiday display.


  • Foraged greenery, such as pine, eucalyptus, olive, jniper, cedar and boxwood.
  • Wreath form
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters

Step 1

Using wire cutters, cut the floral wire into several 7-inch pieces.

Step 2

Pull off smaller stems of evergreen and other greenery.

Step 3

Using floral wire piece, gather three different types of greenery and create small bundles, bunching together at the stems. Wrap the stems with floral wire, leaving the ends of wire long so you can attach to the wreath form.

Step 4

Add each bundle to the wreath form by wrapping the wire around the circle. Place each new bundle slightly on top of the previously placed bundle. Continue until you have covered the entire wreath.

How to Keep Foraged Wreaths Looking Green and Healthy

  • After cutting foraged greenery (or store bought stems), soak the stems in cold water for one full day. This gives them as much hydration as possible.
  • Once the wreath is hung, mist or spray with water every few days.
  • Foraged wreaths do best outside, but they work indoors as well. You just might need to mist more with water.

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