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11 Jan
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Meals on wheels: Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s converted Land Rover with a built-in kitchen to go under the hammer for an estimated £35,000

The 1982 Land Rover 109 was specially built for the popular River Cottage series hosted by the TV chef

It has been fully converted with the rear featuring a built-in worktop, drawers, oven and fridge

A double-burner hob and sink attached to the rear doors can be folded out to create a fully-working kitchen

Sleeping accommodation is provided by a roof-mounted boat and ancillaries include a shower and basin

A bespoke Land Rover ‘Gastrowagon’ that featured in the popular River Cottage television series with celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is to be offered to the highest bidder.

An entirely unique motor, it features a fully functioning kitchen at the back with a two-burner hob, oven, and even a fridge.

The 4X4 has recently been completely restored and is estimated to sell for between £25,000 to 35,000 The 1982 long wheelbase 109 Land Rover, which has been converted to a camper-cum-kitchen, became familiar to viewers of the chef’s 1990s series ‘A Cook on the Wild Side’, as Hugh’s transport in which he toured the British countryside in search of wild ingredients.

Built especially for the television show, the Gastrowagon has a fully operating kitchen that extends from the rear section of the vehicle, with a worktop, drawers, fridge and oven fitted into the back of the Land Rover.

The double-burner hobs and sink are fitted to the inside of the rear doors. Once folded out, it creates a fully operational kitchen.

Additional table tops stored inside the Land Rover can also be attached to create a huge outdoor cooking space. 

The back also has a wind and waterproof canopy so a user can whip up their favourite dish no matter what the weather conditions. 

Sleeping accommodation is provided by a roof-mounted upturned boat and ancillaries include a shower and basin that appear from another hidden fold-out panel on the right-hand-side of the vehicle.

Inside, there’s even a vintage ice cream maker. 

Another extra special feature is Hugh’s signature on the bulkhead.

Following 25 years in the wilderness, the Gastrowagon was completely rebuilt and refurbished to its original fully-functioning specification, by classic Land Rover specialists John Brown 4X4, and is said to run and drive ‘like new’.

Rob Hubbard, Head of Bonhams MPH, said: ‘Land Rovers are always popular at MPH sales and we are pleased to offer this true one-off which would be perfect for anyone wanting to take a post-lockdown staycation.’

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