Mathematics Awareness Month

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31 Mar
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Mathematics Awareness Month

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. Since it began as Mathematics Awareness Week back in 1986, the aim has been to increase the level of interest in the study of mathematics and also increase the level of public understanding and appreciation for the wide range of applications for mathematics in fields as diverse as manufacturing, business and medicine.

In 1999 Mathematics Awareness Week became Mathematics Awareness Month and then in 2017 statistics were incorporated to make Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, the aim being to celebrate the diverse students and researchers in both fields and raise awareness of both areas of study and their relevance in modern life.

During the month of April, Colleges, Universities, schools and any related interest groups or associations are encouraged to organise and host events. In the past, activities have included open days, lectures, interactive exhibits, quizzes and even math poetry readings.

If you would like to host an event but are unsure what to do, the Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month website has a number of recommendations and resources at and for those wishing to get involved in Mathematics Awareness Week on social media, many resources, links and updates are shared under the hashtag #MathStatMonth

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