Parkinsons Awareness Month

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31 Mar
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Start A Conversation

Every April, the Parkinson’s Foundation engages the global Parkinson’s community to support Parkinson’s Awareness Month. When we raise awareness about Parkinson’s and how the Foundation helps make lives better for people with PD, we can do more together to improve care and advance research toward a cure.

This year, the theme is Start a Conversation, a call to action that urges people to talk about Parkinson’s with their loved ones, friends, neighbours, care team and community. The theme also reflects the speech bubble in the Foundation’s signature P logo.


How You Can Get Involved!

Download easy-to-use tools from the 2018 Parkinson’s Awareness Month Toolkik are available on line. The How to Start a Conversation guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to participate and use the tools provided.

Take the Pledge to Start a Conversation!

For Parkinson’s Awareness Month, join us by taking the pledge to #StartAConversation about PD. It’s easy!

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