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In Puerto de Mazarrón there is a fisherman who goes out every night to fish the Mediterranean in Murcian waters. Meanwhile, his son has left the world speechless being Moto3 world champion.

There's no one like him. He is the first to get on the podium in his first four world races. The first in all of MotoGP history. Nobody, not Rossi, not Márquez, not Hailwood, not Agostini, not Angel Nieto, had done it before.

In Portimao, during the Algarve GP, Acosta achieved his sixth victory and became Moto3 world champion.

It is easy to imagine a bright future for " the Mazarrón shark ", but the road was much darker. Acosta's dream is that of a whole humble family that has fought for the young pilot to get to where he is.

Pedro Acosta was born on May 25, 2004, and in 2013 he is already winning Mini Speed races. During the following season, at the age of 10, he became the RAV 140cc Spanish champion, and in 2015 he won the Cuna de Campeones, the Spanish Cup, the Murcian Championship and the Levante Cup.

A year later he was proclaimed runner-up in the Spanish GP 220 4t XL Mini Speed Cup and achieved the same result in the same category of the Cuna de Campeones. During that season, he also completed a comeback that years later we would see him repeat.

Acosta's progression was stratospheric and that led him to make his FIM CEV Repsol debut with the Swiss Innovative Investors team in 2018, when he was just 13 years old. Despite the efforts of the team, whose structure reached the world championship with Iker Lecuona, the financial problems that had plagued Acosta since its inception reappeared. He was left without equipment and without options. But he never stopped training.

In 2019, everything changed. From having nothing, to winning three races, making five podiums, and being runner-up without having participated in the first two rounds of the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Those numbers helped him to return to the FIM CEV Repsol, where he participated in the last five races with the Andreas Pérez 77 Foundation team.

After a year where motorcycling gave him back what it took from him in 2018, the 2020 season was the confirmation of what was to come. The Murcian won the first six races of the Rookies Cup, stood on the podium in three more appointments, and was proclaimed champion with 64 points ahead of David Muñoz. That same year he also took third place in the FIM CEV.

The “Mazarrón shark”, a nickname coined by Jordi Alberola. Thinking about winning from the pitlane, overtaking drivers two by two, starting a championship by sweeping or adapting to difficulties is in his DNA. 

Acosta’s style is born very close to his home, in the KSB Sport driving center in Cartagena. There, without driving on large circuits, moving in a few square meters and with a handful of cones.

The young man from Murcia does not hesitate to go when he has the opportunity, to help and support his mentor. Thus, he collaborates with the person to whom, he says, he owes everything. And it is that Acosta does not forget those who have pushed him when not everything was so beautiful. For this reason, every weekend, the Murcian visits his mechanics in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, in another show of gratitude.

Perhaps thanks to those demanding training sessions, Acosta manages to save falls that seem safe, as he did in the last lap of Portugal or two laps from the end in the Spanish Grand Prix, in Jerez. On both occasions he was close to falling, but the handling he shows on the bike helped him to lift it and stay on it, something that he also trains. 

As he adds successes, the media, networks and people talk more and more about him. The young pilot admits that he prefers "not to read anything." At the beginning of the 2021 course, the opinions that were expressed about him began to take a toll on his psychological stability, so he decided to move away from social networks and the media. Like the most classic motorcycling, in its renewed version: think about riding, riding and riding. Nothing more

Now he is surprising locals and strangers in the Moto3 World Championship. In his genes are the work, dedication and patience that make a good fisherman. But at their destination there are no ships, no fish, no ports; there are motorcycles, circuits and a very promising future.

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