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3 Sep
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Will This Revolutionary Tool Really Clean Your Ears In Seconds, Without The Pain, Risk and Infection of Old Qtips?

This breakthrough design lets you clean your ears out, without the risks of infection or pain like traditional methods! Learn why thousands have made the switch already...

Did you know, thousands of people visit hospitals across Spain every year from using simple qtips or cotton earbuds? 

We've all heard the advice that we shouldn't even be using these outdated tools to clean our ears.

When using cotton rods you are actually pushing bacteria and wax deeper into your ear canal. This can lead to nasty, hard to beat infections...

You can also easily cause extremely painful damage to your sensitive eardrum from poking and scratching requiring expensive surgery...

But fear not, now, there's a new tool in the $50 billion personal hygiene industry for ear cleaning - that everyone including doctors is recommending!

What Is It?
Its called the QGrips.

It was invented in Germany. Now it's finally on sale in Spain and causing a big stir.

Originally, their invention was for professional ear doctors to help them clean their patients' ears. But now this highly successful tool is on sale directly to the public! 

How Does QGrips Work To Clean Your Ears Safely?

As you know, cleaning your ears yourself, at home, can be very dangerous and is not recommended by professionals. 

However, QGrips are designed to make cleaning a simple, quick and safe job - that anyone can do!

The specially designed, silicone corkscrew shape of the tips are proven to be perfect for any ear. 

Using a twisting motion the QGrip will remove any excess, old wax from your ear. 

When you compare this to a normal Qtip or earbud you are digging around, poking, pushing and scraping inside your ear causing harm, infection and more blockage than before! 

What did our team of real people say?

"I've suffered with dirty, waxy ears all my life. I used QGrips for 5-10 seconds as instructed. The excess wax came out easily and best of all it was completely painless! " - Don

"This thing works great. I have poor hearing normally and so like to clean my ears regularly. These Q Gripsreally gave me great results. My ears felt fresh and clear afterward." - Chris

"Yep, these are the future for ear hygiene for sure!

I am conscious of having dirty, smelly ears and seem to have more ear infections as I get older.

I normally get a professional clean every few months, but it can be very costly. 

I am happy to report these Qgrips really work fantastically." - Rose

A very impressive and essential tool for everyone who has ear wax! 

Key QGrips Features, Facts, and Benefits:

? Instant Relief - Clean out your ears properly for the first time in your life and notice the difference!

? Cheaper than appointments - Visits for professional cleans will cost you a fortune!

? Gets where normal tools can't - Reach into places a traditional qtip can't!

? Completely Safe - Kids, Seniors and even pets can use it! 

? Positive reviews - The overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves!

? Better for the environment - single-use cotton bud tips are very bad for the environment. QGrips are washable and reusable!

One thing is for certain, once you try QGrips, you'll never want to go back to life without it!

How Much Does the QGrips Cost?

They retail for 59.99€.

They really do an amazing job to clean out your ears leaving you with a fresh, clean feeling.

You'll love how simple and quick they are. 

I especially like the fact they are reusable unlike old qtips which seem like a real waste in this age of environmental issues.

Where Can I Buy the QGrips?

That’s super easy. 

1) Order the QGrips from the official QGrips online shop.

2) Enjoy instant relaxation, release, and relief!

What do you get in your Box?

It comes in a travel carry case. Inside you'll find:

? 1x QGrip handle

? 16x QGrip heads

? 1x Carrying case

? 1x Manual

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