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2 Jul
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Protect Yourself from Dangerous Mosquitos! When you think of the animal that kills the highest number of human beings every year, which animal do you think of? Great White sharks? Rattlesnakes? Or maybe something like wolves or bears? If so, you would be wrong. Mosquitos kill far more humans than any other animal, killing approximately ONE MILLION people every year by infecting them with diseases like malaria or the Zika virus. While chances of getting such a serious disease from a mosquito in Spain are slim, we still suffer greatly from mosquito bites. But even for people who don’t have a particular vulnerability to mosquito bites, they’re still a serious matter. Buzzing in your face, biting you or your kids, and giving you itchy, burning bites is no picnic! It’s enough to ruin ANY backyard barbeque!

BuzzBGone Lures Mosquitos into a Death Trap!

By emitting a strong, 360° field of bug-attracting UV light, BuzzBGone lures in mosquitos. Once they approach, BuzzBGone’s powerful suction fans suck the mosquitos into the device’s central core where they become trapped inside, unable to bite you or your family! Like humans, mosquitoes can’t survive without water, and BuzzBGone includes a dehydrator that will naturally and safely ensure that they are killed. 

BuzzBGone is easy to use!

 Just plug it in and start enjoying your back garden and patio! Nothing ruins an outdoor gathering faster than an invasion of bloodthirsty mosquitos! But BuzzBGone lures them in with ultraviolet light, stopping them from ever biting your family. BuzzBGone allows you to TAKE BACK your garden, patio or terrace!

BuzzBGone is 100% safe, and contains no poisons or harmful chemicals and is safe to use around bird feeders, pets, small children, or any other living creature. It’s a hundred percent safe to use, even indoors, like in your bedroom. It’s great for killing those mosquitos that sneak in and bite you while you’re sleeping!

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