Spain's Popular Flowers

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3 Jun
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Spains Popular Flowers

Beautiful flowers grow all over the world. Nearly every country has distinctive flowers growing from their soil. Spain is no exception. The flowers that grow in Spain are quite gorgeous, unique and fitting to Spain's alluring culture. The flowers of Spain come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.


The pomegranate flower is the national flower of Spain. The pomegranate plant is famous for its healthy, antioxidant-filled fruit, but its flower is quite lovely. Pomegranate flowers grow alone or in groups of two or three flowers at the end of branches. The petals are colored orange, bright crimson or white. Each blossom has five to eight crumpled-looking petals. Pomegranate flowers self-pollinate as well as receive cross-pollination from insects.

Red Carnation

Carnations have a round flower with several petals intricately weaving around each other. Carnations grow in every color and in many places around the world. Every color of carnation can be found in Spain, too, but Spain is most famous for its red carnations. Red carnations are used as a symbol of passionate love, and boyfriends give them to girlfriends to express this. Red carnations are also worn in women's hair in Spain sometimes.

Spanish Bluebells

Spanish bluebells are gorgeous flowers that are very popular in Spain. Their name is quite fitting of their description. Each individual flower is shaped like a tiny bell and hangs from its stem as a bell hangs. The "bells" are light violet with a bluish tint. About twelve "bells" hang from one sturdy stem. They start about halfway up the stem and finish at the tip of the stem.

Lantana Flowers

Lantana plants are characterized by colorful ball-shaped flower clusters. Each individual flower grows in a vibrant red, orange, yellow, pink or white. The clusters consist of several individual flowers. The ball-shaped clusters may be all one color or they may be multicolored. Once the flowers wither, poisonous black berries grow in their place.

Valencia Rose

The Valencia is quite similar to a regular rose in appearance. Its petal arrangement and bush look like a regular rose. They are usually red, but they are sometimes pale orange or yellow. Like the red carnation, the Valencia rose is a symbol of love and is given as a gift to express love. The climate of Spain is excellent for the growth of the Valencia rose. Unfortunately for the Valencia rose, it is very prone to disease when it is grown.

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