The Dawn Chorus

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1 May
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The Dawn Chorus

The wildlife Trusts' International dawn chourus day, is the annual celebration of the world's oldest wake-up call - the dawn chorus - and the beauty of the bird song. The day is now truly an international event, celebrated as far away as France, Italy, Pakistan, south Africa and New Zealand.

The dawn chorus occurs when the birds sing at the beginning of a new day in the warmer countries. it is most noticeable in spring when birds defend a breeding ground, it is common for different species to make their sunrise singing at different times. Birds that perch closer to the canopy and those with larger eyes tend to start singing earlier. This correlation can be caused by the amount of light perceived by the bird. of both its congeners and members of other species. In some areas where there is a large population of vocal birds, the sound of the dawn chorus can seriously complicate sleeping at dawn.

In the UK, choir can start at three in the morning in early summer. The most heard species are the following, in order of beginning of the song: Blackbird, Robin, Eurasian Wolverine, Common tawny owl, Finch, Common pheasant, Warblers, Including blackcap, Common mosquito net, Warbler, And musical mosquito net, Songthrush, Green finchado, Common accentor, Goldfinch.

Several species of primates perform an audible territorial display early in the morning. These include the Cercopithecus lomamiensis , the Alouatta caraya (which can be heard up to a distance of 5 km) and the Colobus guereza.

The dawn chorus officially starts at around 4:00 a.m in the morning and ends about the time that the sun begins to rise and the wether starts to get a bit warmer in the summer time. In april starting to go into spring the dawn chorus is celabrated all over the world .

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