Top beauty tips for 2020

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31 Jan
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Top beauty tips for 2020

To open up your eyes and make them appear bigger, avoid using a dark eyeliner in your waterline. Instead, opt for a lighter peach colour. This will really bring out the eyes and make them appear brighter. I recommend Benefit eyebright pencil RRP £17. 

To avoid creasing and makeup setting into any lines/pores, use a primer. A primer acts as a barrier between your skin and your foundation. The primer will sit in any open pores or lines and your foundation application will be a lot smoother. I recommend Touch in Sol No poreblem primer RRP £16. 

For a quick eye makeup look use your bronzer in the crease of your eye socket, it adds definition to your eyes whilst tying your eyes into your base makeup. We recommend doll beauty bronzer in shade dark £15 

To add volume to sparse brows and achieve that fluffy brow look everyone’s raving about, fill your brows as you usually would. Then brush through them with a spoolie and pears soap bar. £1.19 available at Superdrug

Ensure you curl your lashes before mascara application to open your eyes.

To ensure skin is radiant and hydrated even on makeup free days apply a tinted moisturiser. I recommend no7 city light £13.

3 quick and easy steps for the perfect brow 

Step 1 - Brush through the brow with a spoolie and pluck away any stray hairs.

Step 2 - Using Anastasia Beverley Hills brow duo in ‘ebony’ and an angled brush, outline the desired brow shape. Avoid outlining the top inner corner of your brows, as you want the brow to appear as natural as possible. 

Step 3 - Fill in the rest of the brow starting at the middle of the brow and working towards the tail. Once you’ve done this, use the excess of the product that’s left on the brush to fill in the inside part of the brow. Finish wish a brow mascara (benefit gimme brow) 

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