18 Common Behaviors Of A True Empath

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4 Aug
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18 Common Behaviors Of A True Empath

Being an empath can sometimes be frustrating as it relates to the feelings of other people on a deep level. Empaths are influential people who can bring about great good in the world if they work hard at it. Many empaths are so sensitive that they indeed can feel the pain others around them are going through. They physically feel what another person is going through. Empaths usually deal with things like chronic fatigue because of that, as they get overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of other people. While empaths are a bit complicated and difficult to understand, once you get to know them everything becomes quite clear. If you are an empath yourself, you’ll probably recognize yourself in one or more of the following behaviors and characteristics:
1. You are extremely sensitive You feel everything on a level deeper than most people do.
2. You refuse to be lied to If someone lies to you, they are in deep trouble. You can sense when people are sketchy, and they won’t stand a chance.
3. You are not judgemental You will not cast judgment on others for anything they might do or have done. Granted if you see them doing wrong you will bring it to their attention, but you will not shame them.
4. You do not like harsh sounds You tend to enjoy more soft and delicate things.
5. You hate narcissism You will not deal with narcissism at all.
6. You are good at giving advice You are an incredible problem solver, so your advice usually works out well.
7. You are easily distracted You focus less and are interested in everything. You can be looking at two things at one time and still be amazed all the same. For example, looking at a flower bed, you will see all of them as beautiful instead of picking just one.
8. You love animals You look after pets as if they were family.
9. You are often exhausted You spend so much time absorbing from others that your own energy diminishes.
10. You are honest You hate lying and being lied to as well.
11. You experience what others experience You understand other people’s pain when they are explaining it to you. It isn’t a fake understanding but a truly deep, meaningful connection.
12. You are a wonderful listener People can talk to you about anything, literally.
13. You cannot handle negative images You often try to avoid seeing negative news and pictures, be it in the media or elsewhere. You are far too sensitive to see things like that with your own eyes. That being said if you have to look at it, you will.
14. You are not fond of crowded places Even the most outgoing empaths are overwhelmed with emotions in a big crowd.
15. You are good at healing people You are great at getting emotional turmoil over and done with.
16. You are sensitive to things such as medication You try to avoid seeing and hearing about medication and doctors as much as possible.
17. You will always offer to help when you can No matter what, if you can lend a helping hand you will, it doesn’t matter when or who you are. You sometimes would even help out your own worst enemy.
18. You are selfless and inspirational People are lucky to have you as a friend, as you’re always there for them.You are strong and nurturing at the same time.

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