Convert your swimming pool in Spain into a health spa, with salt water chlorination

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28 Feb
Convert your swimming pool in Spain into a health spa, with salt water chlorination image 1

Salt Water Chlorination, through Salt electrolysis, one of a new range of increasingly popular technologies that remove the need to add Chlorine tablets to your pool in Spain. Chlorine tablets can affect your skin and leave a chalky residue behind as well as sting your eyes and turn your hair green if the chemical balance isn’t correctly maintained, but did you know as chlorine is naturally a gas and the chemicals added to these tablets to keep chlorine in a solid form including cyanuric acid and bleach can be the cause of eczema and other skin conditions?

Benefits of salt water swimming pools

The purifying, detoxifying and calming effects of saltwater pools support the immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Studies have shown that salt water pools are incredibly beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and/or depression as they are able to induce our bodies natural relaxation process. Saltwater is able to naturally relieve the aches and pains within our muscles so is a great solution for Arthritis sufferers as well as relieving stress and as an antimicrobial salt also blocks unwanted germs which means you are far less likely to catch that summer cold. A salt water chlorine generator makes it easier to maintain constant, proper chlorine levels in your pool in Spain, avoiding high chlorine levels that can commonly occur in traditionally chlorinated pools causing eyes to dry out and become irritated.

How salt water chlorination works

saltwater pool or jacuzzi simply uses added salt and a chlorine generator (electrolysis) instead of direct addition of chlorine.

The saline concentration is very low, less than that found in a tear of the human eye and 8x less than the salt concentration of seawater. A simple process using electrolysis separates oxygen, hydrogen and all other components that are present in our waters as salts, and other minerals. The dissolved salt is transformed into sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO) which, dissolved in water, is a potent disinfectant; in addition, the cell will automatically generate a free chlorine (Cl2) that does not degrade; avoiding unwanted and toxic chloramines, which are destroyed during the process. This chlorine, which will become salt again, will be able to eradicate the algae, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms that we could find in the water of our pools.

Fortunately, converting your pool to Salt Water Chlorination is an easy process and in the long run will also cost you less to maintain, plus you won’t need to store dangerous chemicals at your home.

You will need to have a saltwater chlorination electrolysis device installed by your pool professional in Spain.

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