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30 Jan
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If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112 and the operator will ask a series of questions so they can prioritise your call. You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish. Then call FAST on 968970626.

We appreciate it when people we have attended are pleased with our service.

We have attended over 200 calls for help in 2019 and look forward to being of service to our community for years to come. We are also looking to get more involved with the local 112 emergency services this year.

If you are faced with a medical emergency would you know what to do? Someone choking in a restaurant, someone with pains in their chest or someone who has collapsed, could you help them? There are some basic things that you can do to help them recover or make them comfortable.

Choking – lean them forward and slap them on the back if this does not work then stand behind them put your arms round their waist and squeeze in an upward motion.

Pains in chest – Sit them down resting against a surface, raise their knees, and keep them calm. Ensure an ambulance has been called.

A collapsed person – Ensure their airway is open and they are breathing; make sure an ambulance has been called.

Why not join FAST as a supporter or responder. You will meet friendly people and be able to join in social activities. Social events are arranged during the year. If you would like to become a Responder, all training is provided free of charge to the responder.

Over the last few months we have had generous donations from the following groups; the Vista Bar pool team, the Welcome Group. The Alley Palais bar hosted an evening on the 27th December where valuable funds were raised. Thank you to all those who have donated to FAST in the past and in the future!

The FAST nurses have been joined by Gladys who appeared overnight. We are very pleased to welcome Gladys to our team. Thank you to who ever allowed Gladys to join us. Oh and thank you to all those who stopped and gave us a donation.

Our training sessions are Tuesday mornings at the Cultural Centre on B sector. We are very pleased to welcome new members to FAST. If you would like to join this great organisation give us a call. You can help your neighbours on Camposol and maybe save a life. It is a great way to give something back to the community.

When the FAST responders arrive, they will ask a series of questions, directed at the casualty or the partner. It may seem to delay treatment but it is important to know if the casualty is allergic to anything, what medication they are on, are they being treated for a medical condition. So please be patient when the responder is asking questions.

All we do is for all of you!

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