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10 Oct
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FAST is a charity located on Camposol, Mazarron. We are a group of Emergency First Responders who would respond to anyone on Camposol who is in need of medical aid. We can assist the patient until the ambulance arrives. We can give CPR use a Defibrillator if required, we can stop or reduce catastrophic bleeds.

Due to the pandemic we are not allowed to respond in person at this time. We are therefore providing a telephone help service. We can provide information regarding what health centres are available. The difference between being a resident with full health cover, a non resident using an EHIC card will make a difference to the health care available. The situation is constantly being monitored by FAST so the information is correct.

We can now also provide a Mental Health First Aid service.

In the present situation we find ourselves in people may feel stressed and troubled, it is always good to talk to someone in complete confidence who will be able to listen and share your concerns.

Twelve of the FAST responders have recently attended and passed a Mental Health First Aid course and are now able to offer that service. If you know someone who would benefit from this service call

634 308 362.

Would you know what to do in a medical emergency?

If some one was bleeding and the blood was pumping, that is an arterial bleed and needs to be stopped as soon as possible, the use of a torneque may be used or direct pressure over the wound with a clean dressing will slow down the loss of blood. Blood loss will occur very quickly if not stopped as soon as possible.

If someone is chocking with something stuck in their throat, a number of sharp slaps between the shoulder blades may dislodge the offending item. If that does not work stand behind them and put your arms around their waist and join your hands together, pull in an upward movement. Repeat this and the item should dislodge.

If someone has a burn to their skin, stop the burn from progressing, the area should be quenched with cool water from the tap if possible. Remove burnt clothing and jewellery from the burnt area. Do not remove anything stuck to the burn. Cool the area for 20 minutes, if it is a deep burn, cover with cling film and seek medical attention.

ICE. In Case of Emergency. You can put ICE on your phone. If you were injured and needed help, a passer by could call someone for you by looking at the contacts on your phone. ICE would be someone who could be called In Case of Emergency. Some phones are locked and need a code to open them. You can take the lock off your phone or most phones are in a small wallet and an emergency contact number can be stored in there. See photo.

FAST Rely on fundraising and donations to be able to provide the emergency service. Even though we are not using the FAST cars they still have to be taxed and insured, we have purchased large quantities of PPE in preparation for responding again.

We wish to thank Sue Pipe for the donation of €450 as a result of the quiz night on Thursday. Sue supports several charities on Camposol for which we are all very grateful.

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