Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte. (Otto Animal Sanctuary).

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1 Jun
Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte. (Otto Animal Sanctuary). image 1

Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte. (Otto Animal Sanctuary).

Find us on the back service road near Camposol sector A

Contacts Juan and Yolanda.

Telephone number/WhatsApp 653 958 705

Registered Charity Number G02839298

Facebook Page: Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte

YouTube: Otteando el horizonte Santuario Animalista

Mission Statement.

HELP US HELP YOU ... We rescue and help recuperate all kinds of animals that have been exploited, abused, mistreated and/or abandoned. Those considered “farm” and “exotic” will have their home in the Sanctuary to live happily and with dignity for the remainder of their lives. Those that are considered “domestic” are cared for until we find suitable adoptions; where we can be assured that they receive the warmth of a home they deserve. We organise activities to educate and make the population aware of being respectful to both animals and the environment.


Make a difference: Register for teaming. Once registered join the group. Santuario Animalista Otteando El Horizonte. Become a valuable team member. Your monthly euro donation collectively will help towards vet fees and everyday care. If we could get 1,000 teamers just think what we could do! There are tax advantages if you team for us, as we claim a 75% tax reduction, so this really is our preferred option. We currently have 74 teamers which is a fantastic start, but we need more, much more.


This provides one to one interaction for the sponsors of their chosen animals and gives some priority visiting to the Sanctuary. It is a lovely way to spend quality time with your new friend whilst pampering, grooming and feeding a few treats and staying around an hour every visit. So, if your visit is once a week that is 4 hours each month that you get to spend, exclusively with your chosen furry friend. Currently, those people who have chosen to partially sponsor an animal are donating into the charity’s bank account an amount of €20 per month. This covers a percentage of the total cost of their keep but it by no means covers it. When you calculate that this is less than the cost of a menu del dia for 2, it is not a great amount and it really is helping to make a difference. Please message 630 734 040 to make an appointment if you would like to visit the Sanctuary and choose who you want to be your special friend.

Animals still needing sponsors

Estrella or “Star” is Luna´s daughter. She is a donkey rescued from gypsies.

Luna or “Moon” is Estrella´s mothers. She is an old donkey, also rescued from gypsies.

Peggy The Pig. The first resident at the sanctuary, she arrived with mini pig, and she will sit for a carrot!

Skewbald Filly, Quimera – Rescued because the owner could not afford to feed her.

Cartabón - is the oldest horse in the Sanctuary and was retired from” over work” now enjoying retirement.

Other animals

We also have in our sanctuary some chickens, a cockerel and 3 rabbits, hamsters, rats and doves, and 7 chinchillas. We also care for dogs and cats both at the sanctuary and in foster homes. The list goes on!


There is plenty of land for the animals, and pens are already in place with shaded areas where needed. There is mains water in place, and at great expense there are also now automatic water dispenser’s delivering cool, fresh, unlimited drinking water. Horses can drink up to 80 litres per day in the height of the summer, so water and shade are essential. It is also dangerous to leave water out in buckets in very hot weather. The algae that quickly accumulates in the sun can be deadly. The plan is this will be available to all over time but it all takes time and costs money.

Future plans.

Our first priority when we get more money, is to build a proper brick building for the dogs, cats and other small animals. We would also like to add partitions to some of the pens as some animals would be better separated, such as the sheep and goats. We want invest in more shade, and would like to improve our exercise area too, and provide a secure facility so that members of the public can donate items. Watch our for future reports to see our progress.


Currently, as we are still under Covid 19 restrictions, it is only possible for the current sponsors to visit without a prior appointment. To make an appointment please call or message 630 734 040. There is a lovely British young man called Tyler, who is fluent in Spanish and is generally there on Sundays to assist with any language issues. He is very knowledgeable about all the animals. We look forward to welcoming you all.


We will be looking for more volunteers in the future, to assist with cleaning pens, and generally assisting at the sanctuary but it is early days and we will say more about this in future articles, as Covid restrictions ease further.

Fund Raising

Our first official fund-raising event was held at The Diner during May and raised €525.00. This will enable us to renew our insurances which include public liability so that the general public can visit us. We hope to put on more fund-raising events in the future. Please keep an eye out for our events published in the local press, or visit our Facebook page for updates.

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