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31 Mar
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How to Boost your immune system


Soup therapy – Soup is kind to the immune system because its easier to digest then standard foods. Always good for boosting the immune system with goodness. Apparently bone broth soup can help reduce inflammation and heal the gut. This high protein soup is easy to make and can be frozen and re-heated when you need a delicious boost.

Cold showers – Yes its now been scientifically proven that cold water can help boost the natural immune system. Try putting the shower to cold for 2 mins at the end of your shower time to give yourself a boost. If you haven’t watched The Goop Lab Doc on Netflix yet then I can recommend the Cold Comfort episode with iceman ‘Will Hof’ ! He’s rocking cold therapy in a big way.

Wheatgrass – This stuff is amazing and comes in a powder so you can just mix a teaspoon into juice each day. Wheatgrass can not only help to eliminate toxins in the body but it can also boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure at the same time.

Sleep –  It’s an obvious one but we are always so busy we don’t priorities sleep as a necessary healing prosses that our body goes through every night. Just one nights bad sleep can drop your immune system down by 70% ! So look after yourself by getting the extra hours in. Aim for 8 hours per night but have an afternoon nap to recharge the batteries.

This month  We are boosting our immune systems, with the virus now taking hold all over  Europe and the World we need to protect our selves as much as we can.  If you feel unwell then self isolation is being recommended to try to stop the spread but fresh air is also advisable so keep up the exercise during this time. Get rest and extra hours sleep to fully boost the immune system and allow our bodies to do their thing and repair from the inside out.  


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